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Lexus U.S.A., 2007 Lexus GS

2007 lexus gs interior vehicle shown with optional equipment majestic sunrises and sunsets are like nothing else in the world the brilliant shades of orange and red the flickering sun on the horizon the glare yes even meteorological wonders have their problems not that the driver of the gs would ever notice mind you because the faces covering the instrument panel gauges in the gs are all part of a larger electronic chromatic device ecd system the system is activated by a sensor in the rear window that detects the amount of light being projected into the cabin of the gs in the case of a setting sun for example the faces automatically lower their transparency level to help reduce glare and maintain optimal visibility when the vehicle is off the ecd system is inactive and the faces are 100 transparent when the vehicle is on and the ambient light level is low the faces are 70 transparent when the ecd system becomes activated by light entering the rear of the gs the faces automatically