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Lexus U.S.A., 2007 Lexus GS

2007 lexus gs safety with the gs intuitive luxuries abound like available windshield wipers that automatically turn on in the rain and adjust their wiping speed to accommodate for the rate of rainfall and tires that are individually equipped with sensors that continually monitor the tire pressure.12 should there ever be a significant loss in pressure an indicator light will alert the driver while liberal doses of exhilaration are doled out mile after mile the safety of you and your passengers will always be our top priority which is why the gs is made available with a pre-collision system pcs 13 with pcs a millimeterwave radar system can calculate the distance and speed at which the gs is approaching an object shown with optional equipment.a vehicle and determine if collision is imminent if so the system will automatically apply increased braking force once you step on the brakes while simultaneously retracting the front seatbelts to help prepare the occupants vehicle shown with