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2007 lexus gs suspension handling gs 430 shown with optional equipment the journey of a gs driver seldom follows a straight line rather in the mind of this driver the more curves the better which is precisely why the gs models include a multi-link rear suspension for responsive handling and why the gs 30 sports a variable gear-ratio steering vgrs system that automatically varies the rack-and-pinion steering ratio for optimal maneuverability and control and because every road straight or curvy must eventually end at some point the gs comes equipped with an advanced braking system featuring front brake pads that yield a higher coefficient of friction 3 as well as an adaptive variable suspension avs on the gs 30 that enables you to customize the suspension to one of two settings normal and sport to best fit your driving style the all-wheel drive awd gs 350 isn t particular when it comes to devouring roads awd helps give added traction in all types of driving conditions and by allocating