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Lexus U.S.A., 2007 Lexus GX

2007 lexus gx safety the gx is prepared even when you are not to begin with it has been designed to help manage impact energy in a variety of emergency situations including frontal impacts offset frontal impacts and side impacts in such situations its strong welded-steel body-and-ladder frame helps maintain the shape and integrity of the chassis and cabin scientifically designed impact-absorbing materials in the structure of the gx will help offset the energy generated by a collision furthermore each door has been reinforced with beams to help provide side-impact protection roll-sensing curtain airbags rsca 11 deploy in the event of a severe tilt degree roll or lateral g-force for off-road situations you can temporarily disable the rsca these work in conjunction with the seat-mounted side airbags.11 the gx also comes standard with a tire pressure monitor system,12 which uses audio and visual clues to alert you if your tire pressure is critically below the optimal range 11 12 see page