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Lexus U.S.A., 2007 Lexus LS

2007 lexus ls interior vehicles shown with available equipment reason enough to hire a chauffeur climb into the back of a lexus ls 460 l equipped with the special-order executive-class seating package and you enter the opulence of a private jet there is a rear passenger-side leather-trimmed 45-degree reclining seat complete with a legrest,9 dvd entertainment system fold-out worktable and multifunction seat massager all for unmatched comfort available rear-seat amenities right backseat reclines 45 degrees right backseat power-adjustable legrest9 and massager dvd rear-seat entertainment system rses with power nine-inch screen rear-seat cool box retractable wood-trimmed table climate-comfort seats with heat/cool knob power rear-door sunshades power rear sunshade air purifier four-zone climate control with rear-seat infrared sensor 9 see page 14 for more information