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2007 lexus lx adjustable height control vehicle shown with available equipment the rockies are a poignant reminder of how land surfaces differ from mile to mile taking this into consideration a vehicle particularly an off-road vehicle must be prepared to tackle a wide array of road conditions as a result the lx features adjustable height control ahc so drivers can actually elevate the vehicle depending on need three different settings­low high and normal modes­alter the level of ground clearance the low mode for example drops the vehicle s center of gravity and is better for smooth driving conditions or when stopped for easier loading and access high mode is preferred for off-road because it raises the front of the vehicle 1.6 inches and the rear by two full inches for additional ground clearance and normal mode is the compromise between the two the lx s adjustable height control is one more feature that helps assure a capable commanding ride because just as the rockies are ever-changing so too will the roads you take.