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Lexus U.S.A., 2007 Lexus RX Hybrid Airbag

2007 lexus rx hybrid airbag system the rx 400h s sophisticated network of sensors and airbags 7 is designed to help enhance passenger protection should a collision occur depending on factors such as crash severity and driver s seat-track position the advanced driver s dual-stage airbag 7 deploys at a higher or lower speed to help provide an appropriate level of occupant restraint similarly the advanced front passenger s dual-stage airbag 7 uses occupant sensors to determine if a deployment is appropriate and crash severity sensors to determine whether to deploy the airbag at higher or lower speeds the 2007 rx 400h also features front seat-mounted side airbags 7 that are larger than conventional side airbags 7 and designed to help protect the torso abdomen and pelvis and rounding out this comprehensive system are front and rear side curtain airbags 7 with rollover sensors and a driver s knee airbag.7 of course as impressive as it is the rx 400h s airbag system 7 is one feature we hope