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Lexus U.S.A., 2007 Lexus RX Hybrid - Hybrid

2007 lexus rx hybrid hybrid technology the innovative technology behind the lexus hybrid system utilizes a combination of gas and electricity at slow speeds it s powered by electricity when accelerating the gas engine engages allowing both power sources to work together at higher speeds the gas engine is primarily used with the electric motors providing assistance when needed but don t worry this seamless integration isn t something you have to pay attention to it s all managed by intelligent electronic control systems the complementary nature of the hybrid system also leads to significantly reduced emissions not surprisingly the rx 400h has been given a super ultra-low emission vehicle sulev rating and lastly you will never have to plug in the rx 400h every time you apply the brakes and during coasting kinetic energy is captured and the battery is recharged this eliminates the need for any external charging with this cutting-edge technology we are indeed one step closer to