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Lexus U.S.A., 2007 Lexus RX Hybrid

2007 lexus rx hybrid performance you might not expect a hybrid to have the power of a performance sedan but through innovative technology the 268-horsepower 1 hybrid system pumps out the acceleration of a v8 the ingenious rx 00h is also one of the first lexus vehicles to offer intuitive vehicle dynamics integrated management vdim 2 while cornering in the onset of a skid situation this feature helps the driver keep the vehicle in control by adjusting the speed throttle braking and steering of the vehicle with the adaptive front headlamps you ll meet every curve in full light as the low-beam headlamps pivot in accordance with your vehicle s speed and the direction you are turning this innovative thinking makes the rx 00h the discerning driver s hybrid 1 2 see page 1 for more