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Lexus U.S.A., 2007 Lexus RX

2007 lexus rx specifications engine type 60° v6 aluminum block and heads certified ultra-low emission vehicle ulev ii 3.5 liters 210 cubic inches four cam four valves per cylinder with dual variable valve timing with intelligence vvt-i 10.8:1 270 hp 6,2001 251 lb-ft 4,7001 approach angle drivetrain drive wheels front-wheel drive fwd with standard vehicle stability control vsc or fulltime all-wheel drive awd with viscous limited-slip center differential and standard vehicle stability control vsc five-speed automatic electronically controlled transmission ect optional transmission five-speed sequential-shift automatic electronically controlled transmission ect 3.291:1 departure angle cargo capacity max body dimentions type construction overall length width height wheelbase ground clearance five-passenger luxury utility vehicle welded-steel unibody 186.2 in 4,729 mm 72.6 in 1,844 mm 66.1 in 1,679 mm 106.9 in 2,715 mm coil suspension 7.09 in 180 mm fwd 7.48 in 190 mm awd air