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2008 lexus gs suspension handling optional equipment shown the journey of a gs driver seldom follows a straight line rather in the mind of this driver the more curves the better which is precisely why the gs models include a multi-link rear suspension for responsive handling and why the gs 460 sports a variable gear-ratio steering vgrs system that automatically varies the rack-and-pinion steering ratio for optimal maneuverability and control and because every road straight and curvy must eventually end at some point the gs comes equipped with an advanced braking system featuring front brake pads that yield a higher coefficient of friction 3 adaptive variable suspension avs standard on the gs 460 and available on the gs 350 enables you to choose the normal or sport suspension setting to best fit your driving style the all-wheel drive awd gs 350 isn t particular when it comes to devouring roads awd helps give added traction in many types of driving conditions and by allocating engine

2008 lexus gs interior optional equipment shown majestic sunrises and sunsets are like nothing else in the world the brilliant shades of orange and red the flickering sun on the horizon the glare yes even meteorological wonders have their problems not that the driver of the gs would ever notice mind you because the faces covering the instrument panel gauges in the gs are all part of a larger electronic chromatic device ecd system the system is activated by a sensor in the rear window that detects the amount of light being projected into the cabin of the gs in the case of a setting sun for example the faces automatically lower their transparency level to help reduce glare and maintain optimal visibility when the vehicle is off the ecd system is inactive and the faces are 100 transparent when the vehicle is on and the ambient light level is low the faces are 70 transparent when the ecd system becomes activated by light entering the rear of the gs the faces automatically reduce their

2008 lexus gs interior lighting in a car like the gs the driver s seat is a destination in itself accordingly it even comes with its own tour guide whatever corner of the world you travel to the mark of a superior tour guide is the innate ability to identify which areas you ll find of particular interest along your journey the sequential lighting system inside the gs functions in much the same way using a combination of its 18 lamps the system sequentially illuminates different areas of the interior based upon where the driver will most likely need light during the entry process from the first illumination of the puddle lamps before you even reach the door to the final illumination of the ignition button the gs was designed to intuitively predict and assist you in every movement until the engine is started of course where you go after optional equipment shown that is completely up to you

2008 lexus gs mark levinson® audio system optional equipment shown there are hundreds of reasons to stop and explore the scenery however we ve given you 7.1 reasons to keep driving this was the motivation behind the available mark levinson® premium surround sound audio system11 in the gs utilizing 14 strategically placed speakers and a powerful 11-channel amplifier this fully discrete 7.1-channel surround sound system was engineered to produce the purest sound available where unlike typical 5.1-channel architecture the sweet spot of sound encompasses all passenger-seating locations so that quite literally every seat is the best seat in the house 11 see page 18 for more information

2008 lexus gs safety and security with the gs intuitive luxuries abound like available windshield wipers that automatically turn on when the system detects rain on the windshield and adjust their wiping speed to accommodate for the rate of rainfall and tires that are individually equipped with sensors that continually monitor the tire pressure .12 should there ever be a critical loss in pressure an indicator light will alert the driver while liberal doses of exhilaration are doled out mile after mile the safety of you and your passengers will always be a priority which is why the gs is made available with a pre-collision system pcs 13 with pcs a millimeter-wave radar system can calculate the distance and speed at which the gs is approaching an object and determine if a collision is imminent if so the system will automatically apply increased braking force once you step on the brakes while simultaneously retracting the front seatbelts to help prepare the occupants optional equipment

2008 lexus gs ownership experience and now your journey is ready to begin the lexus ownership experience is a magnificent journey within itself measured not in mileage but in moments flashes in time that delight you inspire you that in whatever small way enrich your life you ll feel it in the peace of mind you get from our well-earned reputation for unparalleled vehicle quality and dependability you ll feel it in the pride of knowing that lexus puts a high priority on the wise use of natural resources as shown in the certification of every vehicle we build and you ll feel it in our award-winning customer service where every dealership goes to great lengths to accommodate you this journey of lexus ownership is the reason our owners are some of the most satisfied drivers on the road today and why so many of them continue to return again and again because we understand that whether your travels take you to the vineyards for a weekend or simply around the block for errands the miles of

2008 lexus gs options accessories navigation system/mark levinson ® premium surround sound audio system package voice-activated dvd navigation system 7 with backup camera 6 14-speaker 330-watt less than 0.1 thd 20-20,000 hz auto-changer featuring dvd-audio and dvd-video playback 17 mark levinson premium surround sound audio system 11 with 7.1 architecture and in-dash single-feed six-disc dvd/cd individual options and accessories voice-activated dvd navigation system7 with backup camera6 intuitive parking assist pre-collision system pcs13 and dynamic radar cruise control5 wood and leatherventilated front machined tourmaline 18-inch alloy wheels 16 trimmed steering wheel and shift knob gs 350 standard on gs 460 seats gs 350 power rear sunshade rain-sensing intermittent windshield wipers active headlamp washers adaptive front lighting system afs standard on gs 460 power stabilizer suspension system gs 460 adaptive variable suspension avs with electronically modulated damping gs 350

2008 lexus gs specifications body dimensions gs 350 engine type construction overall length width height wheelbase curb weight five-passenger luxury sport sedan welded-steel unibody 190.0 in 4,826 mm 71.7 in 1,821 mm 56.1 in 1,425 mm rwd 56.5 in 1,435 mm awd 112.2 in 2,850 mm 3,945 lb 1,789 kg gs 460 3,795 lb 1,721 kg gs 350 rwd 3,965 1,799 kg gs 350 awd 18.8 gal 71 l 12.7 cubic feet 360 l 37.8/37.0 in 960/940 mm 43.5/36.4 in 1,105/925 mm front/rear 56.3/55.1 in 1,430/1,400 mm front/rear 54.4/51.4 in 1,382/1,306 mm front/rear gs 460 performance 0 60 mph acceleration 1/4-mile acceleration top track speed epa fuel economy estimates aerodynamic drag coefficient gs 460 engine type displacement valvetrain 90° v8 aluminum block and heads certified ultra-low emission vehicle ulev ii 4.6 liters 281 cubic inches four cam four valves per cylinder with dual variable valve timing with intelligence and electronic intake valve timing vvt-ie 11.8:1 342 hp 6,200 1 339 lb-ft 3,600 1 type

2008 lexus gs specifications continued safety and security luxury driver s and front passenger s dual-stage airbag system srs 15 front seat-mounted side golden bird s-eye maple dark gray bird s-eye maple or red walnut interior trim airbags srs 15 front and rear side curtain airbags srs 15 driver s and front passenger s perforated leather-trimmed interior wood and leather-trimmed steering wheel and shift knee airbags srs 15 rear-seat mounted side airbags srs 15 three-point seatbelts for all seating positions pre-tensioners with force limiters for front and outboard rear seats knob gs 460 only steering-wheel-mounted audio and display controls power tiltand-telescopic steering column with automatic tilt-away liquid-crystal multi-information automatic locking retractor/emergency locking retractor alr/elr seatbelts for all height-adjustable front shoulder belt anchors child restraint seat crs tether anchor console display lexus 10-speaker premium sound system with automatic sound levelizer

2008 lexus gs colors ext e r ior colo r s light gray or black leather cashmere light gray or black leather starfire pearl smoky granite mica light gray or black leather cashmere light gray or black leather black sapphire pearl mercury metallic cashmere or black leather obsidian cashmere leather light gray or black leather opaline pearl verdigris mica golden almond metallic cashmere leather cashmere or black leather matador red mica i n ter ior color s wood trim cashmere leather with perforated inserts light gray leather with perforated inserts black leather with perforated inserts golden bird s-eye maple cashmere leather dark gray bird s-eye maple light gray leather red walnut black leather see your lexus dealer for exact vehicle colors

2008 lexus gs warranty warranty four-year/50,000-mile lexus limited warranty six-year/70,000-mile powertrain warranty six-year/unlimited-mileage corrosion perforation warranty all warranties with zero deductible see the gs warranty and services guide at your lexus dealer for details footnotes disclaimers 1 ratings achieved using the required premium unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 91 or higher if premium fuel is not used performance will decrease 2 performance figures are for comparison only and were obtained with prototype vehicles by professional drivers using special safety equipment and procedures do not attempt 3 high-friction brakes are standard equipment for the front brakes only and require periodic inspection and measurement as outlined in the warranty and services guide the pads and rotors are expected to experience greater wear than conventional brakes pad life may be less than 20,000 miles and brake rotor life may be less than 50,000 miles depending on driving