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2008 lexus ls hybrid technology continued unparalleled parking guidance having a car that virtually parallel parks itself may just be the ultimate luxury just one touch of a button activates the available advanced parking guidance system s 2 sonar and with just a little brake work your ls 600h l will ease itself into the designated parking spot that s not the only technological marvel that the ls 600h l has to offer an available infrared sensor monitors the body temperatures of the rear-seat passengers and adjusts their climate zone to a predetermined temperature in keeping with the ecologically advanced spirit the ls 600h l is equipped with the world s first led headlamps for low-beam use which last longer than conventional halogen bulbs 2 see page 16 for more information

2008 lexus ls hybrid performance continued powerful yet still sensitive the ls 00h l has a wide array of other breakthrough systems to help maximize performance dual variable valve timing with intelligence and electronically controlled intake vvt-ie features a new electronic intake valve control to improve response in all temperatures direct injection boosts overall power and increases efficiency by injecting gasoline directly into the engine s combustion chamber adaptive variable air suspension avs electronically adjusts suspension between normal comfort or sport to suit your driving preference the available active power stabilizer suspension system monitors and adjusts the front and rear actuators to increase the vehicle s sway resistance variable gear-ratio steering vgrs increases or decreases the steering ratio based on your driving speed alloy wheel options are the 18-in nine-spoke 3,5 and 18-in seven-spoke teleios wheels 3,5 which are fitted with low-profile tires for improved

2008 lexus ls hybrid luxury beauty on the inside from the moment you use your keyless smartaccess9 system to enter the ls 600h l cabin there s no mistaking its level of luxury the unique wood-and-chrome-trimmed shift knob is the perfect complement to the dashboard s wood-and-leather trim climate-control seats a rear-window sunshade and available rear-door sunshades protect you from the elements a standard voice-activated hdd navigation system10 guides you through real-time traffic11,12 situations including slow traffic and construction while you can listen to standard xm® satellite radio13 rear-seat passengers can enjoy available features such as a leather-trimmed 4-degree reclining seat complete with a legrest14 dvd entertainment system concealed rearseat wood-trimmed table and multifunction seat massager available rear-seat amenities vehicles shown with available equipment right rear seat reclines 4 degrees multifunction massager and legrest14 right-rear power recliner with dvd

2008 lexus ls hybrid mark levinson® audio system sound decision the 19-speaker mark levinson® reference surround sound audio system16 should please even the most refined ear hear your favorite music through 40 watts at less than 0.1 thd 20-20,000 hz17 including 7.1-channel speaker architecture the ls 600h l also comes standard with a 2,000-song capacity hard disk drive hdd plus xm® satellite radio13 capability the audio system also reads mp3 and windows media® audio wma files so you can tailor your soundtrack to your drive optional equipment shown audio system features hard disk drive hdd audio server with 2,000-song capacity quiet cabin 19 speakers acoustically 40 watts at less than 0.1 total harmonic 7.1-channel surround distortion thd 20-20,000 hz17 sound speaker architecture in-dash single-feed six-disc dvd/cd auto-changer xm satellite radio capability13 13,16,17 see page 16 for more information

2008 lexus ls hybrid navigation system detour guide when good routes go bad the ls 600h l has the tools to get you wherever you re going the voice-activated hard disk drive hdd navigation system 10 can pinpoint your destination even if you only have a business phone number it comes standard with xm ® navtraffic tm11,12 capability which provides voice-delivered real-time traffic updates even suggesting new routes if you re obstructed by heavy traffic construction or accidents finally bluetooth ® technology 18 allows the system to interact with all compatible cell phones navigation system features 30-gb hard disk drive hdd increased screen resolution and 32,000 display colors voice-activated destination input voice-activated dial by-name and dial-by-number dynamic route guidance10 spanish and french language guidance capability real-time traffic updates provided by xm navtraffic11,12 10,11,12,18 see page 16 for more

2008 lexus ls hybrid safety playing it safe the ls 600h l s state-of-the-art network of airbags 19 includes a dual-stage driver s airbag and front passenger s airbag which deploy at different speeds depending on crash severity the driver s airbag deployment speed also varies depending on the driver s seat position on the seat track available rear-seat side airbags help protect rear passengers in certain types of side impacts another breakthrough safety feature is vehicle dynamics integrated management vdim 20 which can predict and take steps to help prevent loss of traction during a turn it uses a series of sensors to coordinate vehicle control braking steering and throttle systems to aid you in keeping the vehicle on track sensors are also utilized in the ls 600h l s electronic controlled braking ecb to determine the appropriate amount of brake pressure needed while anti-lock brakes help you maintain steering control during hard braking finally traction control trac helps maximize

2008 lexus ls hybrid options accessories premium package advanced parking guidance system2 lexus link®23 power rear seats with memory and power headrests climate-comfort rear seats with heat/cool knob rear-seat side airbags srs19 premium package ii advanced parking guidance system2 lexus link23 four-zone automatic climate control with interior air filter smog sensor and automatic recirculation mode rear-seat air purifier power rear seats with memory and power headrests climate-comfort rear seats with heat cool knob rear-seat entertainment system rses with power nine-inch screen and wireless headphones1 rear-seat audio controls rear-seat cool box power rear-door sunshades rear-seat side airbags srs19 optional equipment shown executive-class seating package special order only advanced parking guidance system2 lexus link23 four-person seating with rear fixed console four-zone automatic climate control with rear-seat infrared temperature sensor interior air filter smog sensor and

2008 lexus ls hybrid specifications engine engine type displacement l/cu in valvetrain 5.0-liter hybrid v8 certified super ultra-low emission vehicle sulev 5.0 liters 303 cubic inches four cam four valves per cylinder with dual variable valve timing with intelligence and electronically controlled intake vvt-ie 11.8:1 high-output permanent-magnet electric-drive motor with ev mode 438 total system horsepower1 body dimensions type construction overall length width height wheelbase curb weight fuel-tank capacity trunk capacity headroom drivetrain transmission electronically controlled continuously variable transmission ecvt with two-speed reduction and snow mode all-wheel drive awd with torsen® limited-slip center differential lscd25 and vehicle dynamics integrated management vdim20 3.9 16:1 58.3 in 5.3 in five-passenger hybrid luxury sedan27 welded-steel unibody 202.8 in 5,150 mm 73.8 in 1,875 mm 58.3 in 1,480 mm with adaptive variable air suspension avs 121.7 in 3,090 mm 5,049 lb

2008 lexus ls hybrid specifications continued chassis vehicle dynamics integrated management vdim20 advanced stability and traction management system designed to proactively but seamlessly integrate separate vehicle dynamic functions to enhance driver control and vehicle performance under a variety of adverse conditions vdim manages the integration of electronic controlled braking ecb electronic power steering eps available variable gear-ratio steering vgrs vehicle stability control vsc20 traction control trac the anti-lock braking system abs electronic brakeforce distribution ebd and brake assist21 front independent upper and lower multilink double-joint suspension featuring heightadjustable adaptive variable air suspension avs with electronically modulated damping rear independent multi-link suspension featuring height-adjustable adaptive variable air suspension avs with electronically modulated damping steering electronic power steering eps system variable gear-ratio steering

2008 lexus ls hybrid colors ext e r ior colo r s light gray or black perforated leather cashmere light gray black or alabaster perforated leather noble spinel mica mercury metallic golden almond metallic cashmere or alabaster perforated leather light gray black or alabaster perforated leather smoky granite mica light gray black or alabaster leather opaline pearl cashmere light gray black or alabaster perforated leather black opal mica cashmere light gray or alabaster perforated leather verdigris mica cashmere light gray black or alabaster perforated leather obsidian cashmere light gray black or alabaster perforated leather starfire pearl cashmere light gray black or alabaster perforated leather truffle mica interior co lo r s light gray perforated leather with dark gray bird s-eye maple cashmere perforated leather with medium brown walnut black perforated leather with medium brown walnut alabaster perforated leather with dark brown ash burl see your lexus dealer for exact vehicle

2008 lexus ls hybrid warranty warranty four-year/50,000-mile lexus limited warranty six-year/70,000-mile powertrain warranty six-year/unlimited-mileage corrosion perforation warranty four-year/unlimited-mileage roadside assistance warranty all warranties with zero deductible see the ls hybrid warranty and services guide at your lexus dealer for details footnotes disclaimers 1 ratings achieved using the required premium unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 91 or higher if premium fuel is not used performance will decrease 2 the advanced parking guidance system requires driver brake control always look around outside the vehicle and use mirrors to confirm clearance 3 available only with the executive-class seating package ii 4 the ls 600h l produces about 70 fewer smog-forming emissions than the average new vehicle 5 18-in or 19-in tires are expected to experience greater tire wear than conventional tires tire life may be substantially less than 15,000 miles depending on driving