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performance power agility f sporttm equipment performance performance performance hybrid hybrid amenities amenities innovation innovation performance at your command specs specs with features like an available eight-speed sequential-shift automatic transmission and the advanced stability control of vehicle dynamics integrated management vdim 1 every adrenaline rush you experience in the gs is better than the last optional equipment shown see disclaimers on page

performance performance hybrid hybrid amenities amenities innovation innovation a stability system that helps keep you in control for even more assurance while cornering every gs comes equipped with the advanced vehicle dynamics integrated management vdim 1 system which can help anticipate a skid before it actually occurs a series of sensors constantly monitor factors like speed and wheel angle to recognize when the gs could lose traction it then takes the necessary precautions to help the vehicle stay on track specs specs the available active stabilizer suspension system uses sensors and actuators to help reduce body tilt while cornering optional equipment shown see disclaimers on page

this hybrid may get a boost from electricity but you d swear it was jet fuel performance hybrid amenities innovation specs see disclaimers on page 69 seamless nearly instantaneous acceleration of all the benefits the gs hybrid has to offer this is the one that tends to be the most jaw-dropping the moment you step on the accelerator the high-power electric motor launches your gs swiftly and stealthily off the line as you gain momentum the v6 combustion engine engages propelling you even faster how fast thanks to lexus hybrid drive you can go from 0 to 60 in a mere 5.2 seconds.2,3 now that s the kind of alternative power everyone can

performance optional equipment shown hybrid amenities innovation

performance the engine isn t the only thing that s precision -tuned the available 14-speaker mark levinson® premium surround sound audio system 9 offers an aural experience more comparable to high-end home theaters than conventional car stereos each of its 14 speakers was painstakingly adjusted to match the acoustics of the gs interior put this system in any other lexus model and it just wouldn t sound right in the gs however it s about as close to audio nirvana as you ll ever experience featuring a 7.1-channel architecture and 330 watts of maximum power at less than 0.1 thd 20­20,000 hz,10 it all adds up to one thing you surrounded by perfection hybrid amenities innovation specs optional equipment shown see disclaimers on page

l exusenform® performance designed to help simplify your life with the available lexus enform11,12 system you can speak to a live service agent 24 hours a day seven days a week you don t have to memorize any numbers navigate through seemingly endless screens or even have your cell phone with you need an address simply call destination assist via the gs s available navigation system13 for live assistance once you ve decided on a location your agent can send the turn-by-turn directions straight to your vehicle s navigation system.13 planning a trip you also have the option of pre-selecting up to 200 destinations online and sending them to your vehicle with the lexus exclusive service edestination hybrid amenities saf et y con n ecttm innovation designed to help safeguard your life with safety connect,11,14 you can request emergency help whether that means assisting the police with locating your stolen vehicle or requesting enhanced roadside assistance15 for a flat tire the safety

performance even the headlamps are built for cornering hybrid amenities when it comes to performance driving visibility is key for enhanced nighttime driving especially on winding roads the available adaptive front lighting system afs 19 can pivot the left headlamp up to 15 degrees and the right headlamp up to five degrees helping to illuminate more of the road through turns in the daytime the instrument-panel gauges utilize electronic chromatic device ecd technology to help reduce glare a sensor located near the rear window detects the amount of light being projected into the vehicle at a certain level the faces of the gauges automatically lower their transparency levels making the gs even easier on the eyes optional equipment shown innovation

performance hybrid amenities we re creating innovations every day stay informed of them every month with so much innovative thinking at lexus it s hard to stay up-to-date that s why we created the lexus pursuit newsletter each month e-mail subscribers receive exclusive information about upcoming model launches and events as well as the latest innovations and offers sign up today and stay informed of all things lexus innovation

specifications general type construction curbweight five-passengerluxurysportsedan welded-steelunibody 3,704lb1,680kg gs 350rwd 3,869lb1,755kg gs 350awd 3,836lb1,740kg gs 460 4,134lb1,875kg gs 450h performance chassis suspension steering rear,withstandardvehicledynamics integratedmanagementvdim 1 gs 460,gs 350rwd,gs 450h brakes wheelsandtires front:independent,double-wishbonewithcoilsprings gas-pressurizedshockabsorbersandstabilizerbar rear:independent,multi-linkwithcoilsprings,gas-pressurized shockabsorbersandstabilizerbar adaptivevariablesuspensionavswithelectronicallymodulated dampingstandardgs 460andgs 450h,availablegs 350 activepowerstabilizersuspensionsystemavailablegs 460 gs 450h electronicpowersteeringepssystem,3.2turnslock-to-lock gs 350rwd 3.1turnslock-to-lockgs 350awd variablegear-ratiosteeringvgrs 2.7-3.2turnslock-to-lock gs 460,gs 450h four-wheelpower-assisteddiscs,withfour-sensor,four-channel anti-lockbrakingsystemabs electronicbrakeforce distributionebdandbrakeassist 22

standard safety and security features active safety four-wheel ventilated power-assisted disc brakes electronic controlled braking ecb gs 460 gs 450h four-sensor four-channel anti-lock braking system abs smart stop technology33 vehicle dynamics integrated management vdim1 with cutoff switch vehicle stability control vsc1 traction control trac brake assist 22 performance passive safety driver s and front passenger s dual-stage airbag system srs 16 front seat-mounted side airbags srs 16 front and rear side curtain airbags srs 16 driver s and front passenger s knee airbags srs 16 hybrid rear-seat side airbags srs 16 active front headrests23 three-point seatbelts for all seating positions pre-tensioners with force limiters for front and outboard rear seats automatic locking retractor/emergency locking retractor alr/elr seatbelts for front and outboard mounted rear passenger seating positions emergency locking retractor elr only for driver s seat and center rear passenger seating position