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the operation of the cellular system view of inside of the cruise preventing and maintainence of check list of industries before you put the key in the ignition lexus rear seat entertainment system which pedal is the brake pedal 17 in x 13 in wheels how to adjust the speed lexus automatic sound levelizer lexus dvd navigation system owners manual lexus navigation system owners manual lexus variable gear ratio lexus power rear door lexus door opening scuff plates lexus variable valve timing lexus lx automatic sound levelizer tow hitch lexus lx radar cruise control luggage carrier roof rack corrosion perforation warranty corrosion perforation warranty canada automatic radar cruise control variable gear ratio rack pinion steering auto door sill trim plates door opening scuff plates brakes four wheel ventilated disc abs rear seat video system passenger side mirror wood beam to wood beam connections liter to cubic inch windshield trim and windshield clips rack and pinion gear module rack and pinion module 20 power running boards with lights each type must be engineered for the specific application gauge 12 to gauge 20 adapter tool kit for type 1 lexus dvd video lexus floor mats lexus navigation update lexus satellite radio roof rack lexus lexus dvd navigation system lexus backup camera lexus dealers usa lexus tilt telescopic steering tow hitch lexus lexus navigation system help lexus dvd navigation system software lexus shift knob lexus shift knobs lexus recommended tire pressure roof rack luggage lexus lexus dynamic cruise control

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amenities materials temperature convenience amenities innovation performance capability it all behind while taking it all with you leave sometimes you just need to get away but that doesn t mean you have to make sacrifices the lx offers an array of indulgences to help keep you and your passengers comfortable and content so much so you might even say the lx is a destination in itself safety specs optional equipment

amenities innovation decidedly indecisive with the lx s versatile seating configurations you ll be prepared for just about any scenario the power-slide secondrow seat offers a 40/20/40-split fold to accommodate a variety of items a simple lever tumbles the seat forward and out of the way providing even more cargo space.2 additional versatility can be found in the standard power third-row seat it splits 50/50 and by pressing a button on either side each respective section can be stowed away providing ample room for your favorite things performance the best way to improve a road trip 6 of your favorite people capability safety specs optional equipment shown see disclaimers on page 63 vehicle illustration is intended for feature demonstration only actual product appearance may

amenities the latest advancement in voice recognition the ability to just speak naturally the human voice is a powerful thing especially when you consider what it can do with the lx navigation system.8 if you want to find the nearest gas station from the destination menu for example you simply say find the nearest gas station and the navigation screen displays locations in your immediate vicinity once a destination is selected up to three different routes are provided along with audible and visual directions the voice-command system can even be used with compatible bluetooth® enabled 11 cell phones say call jennifer at work or let s call 310-555-1212 and moments later she s on the line the voice-command system is also integrated with a range of available siriusxm satellite radio8,12 services including navtraffictm8,12 for real-time traffic reports and navweathertm 8,12 for real-time weather reports not to mention sports and stocks.8,12 to find out more about siriusxm radio,8,12

amenities to see how well the audio system performs close your eyes innovation with 19 speakers and 7.1-channel architecture the available mark levinson reference surround sound audio system17 provides such clarity when playing audio dvds that listeners may actually sense the spatial position of each instrument at play it s all thanks to a technology called digital sound imaging and it s just part of what makes this audio system so unique more partial to films than recorded music this technology also works with the available dual-screen rear-seat entertainment system rses 18 creating the kind of surround-sound experience you d only expect in high-end home theaters ® performance capability safety specs optional equipment shown see disclaimers on page

a feature rarely found in an off-road vehicle amenities ability on the road innovation performance capability safety you might expect the lx to perform exceptionally well over rocks and up steep grades but it s also engineered to handle those winding coastline highways adaptive variable suspension avs continually adjusts the shock absorber stiffness to help provide the most appropriate ride comfort and handling precision at the same time variable gearratio steering vgrs helps ensure more controlled steering response at highway speeds and reduces the steering effort required during parking-lot speeds for easier maneuvering finally the torsen torque-sensing limited-slip center differential22 allows the lx to efficiently distribute engine power between the front and rear axles helping to ensure proper torque distribution and enhance vehicle control ® specs optional equipment shown see disclaimers on page

amenities rugged terrain conquered with seamless technology innovation performance capability crawl control height control traction capability safety specs optional equipment shown many utility vehicles do a fine job of handling rough terrain but one does it with composure by combining intelligent technology with thoughtful engineering the lx is in a class all its own first

the lx is as capable off-road as it is on a torsen® torque-sensing limited-slip center differential22 allows the lx to efficiently distribute engine power between the front and rear axles together the full-time 4wd and active traction control a-trac help reduce tire spin power is distributed to the wheels with traction helping you drive in slick and offroad conditions the new multi-terrain select allows for selections from five different road conditions and controls wheel spin to ensure optimal ground covering performance on bumpy slippery roads and steep uphills the multi-terrain anti-lock braking system abs monitors things like engine output and acceleration rate and is designed to help determine the surface the lx is driving on be it snow ice gravel or sand it then selects the most suitable brake application for the current driving situation helping to achieve shorter stopping distances on a variety of road surfaces likewise the fourwheel traction control system helps optimize

amenities when it comes to your safety it s in a class of its own the lx features a class-leading total of 10 airbags.10,27 this supplemental restraint system srs includes knee airbags10 for the driver and front passenger the front passenger s seat is also equipped with an occupant classification system sensor designed to prevent airbag10 deployment if it determines the seat is unoccupied in addition seat-mounted side airbags10 help protect the torsos of the driver front passenger and second-row outboard passengers in certain types of severe side impacts roll-sensing curtain airbags rsca10 are also included for the driver front passenger and occupants in the second and third rows 2008 model shown innovation performance capability safety specs see disclaimers on page

body and dimensions headroom front/middle/third row 38.3/38.9/35.8 in 973/988/909 mm shoulder room front/middle/third row 61.0/61.4/62.3 in 1,549/1,560/1,582 mm hip room front/middle/third row 58.8/58.5/56.6 in 1,494/1,486/1,438 mm amenities wheels innovation performance height 75.6 in 1,920 mm26 capability width 77.6 in 1,971 mm towing capacity 7,000 lb 3,175 kg23,24 cargo capacity 83.1 cu ft 2,353 l2 fuel-tank capacity 24.6 gal 93 l leg room front/middle/third row 42.9/34.4/28.3 in 1,090/874/719 mm safety ground clearance 8.9 in 226 mm wheelbase 112.2 in 2,850 mm wheel locks available optional equipment shown see disclaimers on page 63 20-in 10-spoke alloy wheels30 standard specs overall length 197.0 in 5,005

standard safety and security features active safety vehicle stability control vsc 32 four-wheel active traction control a-trac with mulit-terrain select four-wheel ventilated power-assisted disc brakes four-sensor four-channel multi-terrain anti-lock braking system abs smart stop technology33 brake assist 29 passive safety amenities driver s and front passenger s advanced airbag system srs 10 front seat-mounted side airbags srs 10 driver s and front passenger s knee airbags srs 10 middle-row seat-mounted side airbags srs 10 front middle and third-row roll-sensing curtain airbags rsca srs 10 active front headrests45 three-point seatbelts for all seating positions seatbelt pre-tensioners and force limiters for front seats seatbelt pre-tensioners for middle-row outboard seats automatic locking retractor/emergency locking retractor alr/elr seatbelts for all passenger seating positions emergency locking retractor elr only for driver s seat height-adjustable front and outboard middle-row

options option package warranty four-year/50,000-mile lexus limited warranty six-year/70,000-mile powertrain warranty six-year/unlimited-mileage corrosion perforation warranty all warranties with zero deductible see the lx warranty and services guide at your lexus dealer for details 1 the vehicle is designed to meet most off-road driving requirements but off-roading is inherently dangerous abusive use may result in bodily harm or vehicle damage lexus encourages responsible operation to protect you your vehicle and the environment seatbelts should be worn at all times 2 cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution 3 lexus enform® and safety connect® are available contact with the lexus enform and/or safety connect response center is dependent upon the telematics device being in operative condition cellular connection availability navigation map data and gps satellite signal reception which can limit the ability to reach the response center or receive emergency support