2016 Lexus ES by Lexus U.S.A.

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the raw material eminent white pearl pigment from 98-year-old kansai paint company the inspiration snow-covered hills in hokkaido the unwavering standards waterfalls in painting facilities trap dust the method sonic paint technology aligns the angles of reflective particles for uniform reflectivity the science scratch-resistant clearcoat is created at the molecular level 42 the art of color one unexpected moment of inspiration years of development and zero shortcuts this is the art of creating art the culmination of a passion for design and industry-leading knowledge every lexus color features stories and processes as unique as their hues take the eminent white pearl brilliant in the sun and muted in the shade it was inspired by and created specifically to mimic the color and appearance of snow on the hills of hokkaido japan it’s an effect not left to chance which is why lexus sources pigment from a company that’s been perfecting its craft for 98 years and counting it’s also why every lexus painting facility features indoor waterfalls to trap and wash airborne dust particles away so they don’t inconspicuously mar the vehicle’s finish science also plays a role lexus created a technique that more uniformly aligns the angles of the reflective particles in paint to better accentuate the vehicle lines and then manipulated the molecules in the clearcoat to make it more elastic and thereby resistant to minor scratches because the only thing more important than a stunning work of art is keeping it that way esh shown in eminent white pearl options shown 43