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touch climate controls hot cold just swipe even its dual-zone climate-control system is precision-tuned electrostatic touch-based controls enable you and the front-seat passenger to change the temperature one degree at a time by swiping a finger up or down the control or by pressing the arrows themselves an intelligent alternative to onboard navigation scout® gps link6,10 uses a smartphone app to offer turn-by-turn directions via the multimedia display separate from lexus enform6 services and subscription-free scout® gps link provides drivers with real-time traffic info personalized commute times automatic traffic avoidance and more real-world technology for real-world drivers voice recognition mark levinson ® premium surround sound audio system the available 15-speaker 835-watt mark levinson premium surround sound audio system12 features patented proprietary clari-fi™ technology that restores audio quality from compressed music resulting in crisp clear dynamic sound from any source this combined with technology designed to create an expansive “sweet spot” of audio envelops every passenger in three-dimensional sound that rivals the finest home audio systems 28 is f sport shown with black nuluxe interior trim.    options shown command your is with ease advanced voice command available with navigation,5 enables you to place compatible bluetooth®11-enabled phone calls and operate climate audio and navigation functions using normal everyday speech if you say “it’s too hot in here,” for example the climate control will automatically lower the temperature by four degrees with enhanced bluetooth technology,11 compatible bluetooth11 mobile-phone address-book contacts can be viewed and accessed on the navigation system5 display or via voice command 29