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preliminary specifications subject to change prototype model

preliminary specifications subject to change prototype model

lc 500 exterior design the definition of stunning beauty the battle between beautiful form and spectacular function is a never-ending struggle the lc 500 is a shining example of a luxury performance coupe that achieves both its distinctive low stance is a direct result of the need to lower the centre of gravity to reduce body-roll in corners an ingenious use of alloy and carbon fibre means the breathtaking body shape also achieves a nearperfect 50-50 weight distribution necessary for optimal cornering unique forged 20 aluminum wheels wear tires made specifically for the lc 500 because standard wheels would compromise either aesthetic or capability guided by our l-finesse design philosophy triple-layered headlight and tail light configurations provide superior illumination with definitive lexus style the list goes on stunning design meet awe-inspiring

preliminary specifications subject to change prototype model

preliminary specifications subject to change prototype model

preliminary specifications subject to change prototype model

lc 500 hybrid the definition of electrifying hybrid performance thrilling inspiring and breathtaking run on many fuels the lc 500h is a case in point capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in under five seconds the lc 500h is powered by a 3.5-litre v6 engine with total system output of 354 hp from a standing start the electric motor instantly provides an abundance of torque and acceleration then seamlessly switches to the naturally-aspirated engine when more horsepower is demanded the lc 500h offers the agility and visceral driving experience synonymous with its non-hybrid sibling which is hardly surprising when you consider that the hybrid drivetrain has been perfected with the same unflinching commitment to performance hybrid or gasoline prepare to be

lc 500 enform the definition of completely connected the lc 500 with lexus enform vehicle technology makes every journey richer intuitive capabilities include destination assist that puts a live agent at your beck and call 24/7 need directions seeking restaurant or hotel recommendations curious about sights to see just ask the agent for peace of mind safety connect is always by your side with roadside and emergency assistance better yet enform’s app suite with voice activation hosts a world of information and entertainment options why settle for a trip when you can experience a

lc 500 colour options ultra white 0083 atomic silver 01j7 smoky granite mica 01g0 infrared 03t5 nightfall mica 08x5 obsidian 0212 preliminary specifications subject to change prototype model