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capab ilit y al l con ditio n s allp owe rf ul to rsen ® to rq u e -s ensinglimited -s lipcenterdi ffe rentialkinetic dy namicsuspensions ys tema da ptive va riablesuspensiona rally-proven suspension system meets exceptional off-road 1 capability utilizing technology proven in world rally championship competition the kinetic dynamic suspension system automatically acts on the front and rear stabilizer bars to vary the degree of roll stiffness depending upon road conditions this system not only improves on-road handling and ride comfort it allows for greater suspension travel and articulation off-road1 so that the vehicle remains remarkably level let the suspension vary with your mood with the flip of a switch available avs monitors and adjusts the electronically controlled shock absorber settings of each wheel depending on road surface vehicle speed and driving style the torsen® torque-sensing limited-slip center differential8 with electronic differential lock efficiently distributes engine power between the front and rear axles optimizing traction in all conditions four-w heel ac tivetr ac tion co n t ro l c r aw l co n t ro l d ow nhillassist co n t ro lhill -s ta rt assist co n t ro l four-wheel active traction control helps keep you securely on the road by using sensors on all four wheels to detect the onset of slippage and automatically apply the brake to the slipping wheel in addition power is automatically shifted to the wheels with the most traction challenging conditions are no match for our most advanced off-road1 technology activated with the press of a button available crawl control7 is designed to automatically maintain an optimal slow and steady pace over demanding landscapes at the touch of a button downhill assist control9 works with the anti-lock braking system and active traction control to help keep the vehicle at a slow constant descent speed and prevent the wheels from locking up virtually all the driver needs to do is watch the road and steer hill-start assist control hac 9 helps to increase driver confidence when ascending hills while stopped on an incline conventional vehicles may roll back once you step off the brake hac helps maintain the vehicle’s position by applying the brakes to all four wheels until the vehicle begins moving forward gx premium shown in black onyx options shown 20 21