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t ech nology technology at t he l ea din g edge driver-centric innovation takes another leap forward pa noramicviewmon ito rnext gener at ionrem ot e to u c h pa d offering a new level of clarity this available advanced system16 uses four high-resolution cameras mounted on the front sides and rear of the vehicle to give you a bird’s-eye view of the nearby environment moving view and see-through view options create a composite image of your surroundings as on-screen guides assist with parking and tight maneuvering more than a convenient way to access multimedia climate controls and navigation,7 the next-generation remote touchpad 6 mimics smartphone operations with ample touch surface area pulsation feedback intuitive pinch swipe and flick gestures—even integrating handwritten input new functionality also allows drivers to quickly access sub-menus when on screens with multiple options blindsp ot m o n ito r w it hrearc ro s s -t r a ffi cale rt vo icer eco g n it i o n the available blind spot monitor17 is designed to detect and warn you of vehicles approaching or positioned in the adjacent lanes for added peace of mind its rear cross-traffic alert18 system can help when backing out of a parking space notifying you of vehicles approaching from either side if it senses a potential collision the system can automatically brake your vehicle to a stop under certain circumstances advanced voice command enables you to operate climate audio and navigation functions using normal everyday speech if you say “it’s too hot in here,” for example the climate control will automatically lower the temperature by four degrees with enhanced bluetooth®22 technology compatible bluetooth mobile-phone address-book contacts can be accessed on the navigation system7 display or via voice command n av i gat ions ys temsintu it i v e pa rkingassist the new available 10.3-inch high-resolution split-screen multimedia display provides immediate simultaneous access to audio and climate controls and various systems including new lexus enform dynamic navigation.7,19 on vehicles with the standard multimedia display next-generation scout® gps link19,20 introduces 3d functionality and interactive moving maps with subscription-free traffic and weather updates,21 getting to your destination is easier than ever using sensors in the front and rear bumpers a new available next-generation intuitive parking assist 23 system cues the driver with audible tones and an indicator on the multimedia display notifications indicate a detected object’s location and proximity which is especially helpful for routine tasks like parallel parking if contact with an obstacle is imminent the system can also bring the vehicle to a complete stop under certain circumstances delive ry andt ec h n o lo gy s p ec ialists to help you get the most out of these and other lexus features a vehicle delivery specialist will walk you through nearly every setting and function you desire and to answer questions that arise after delivery a vehicle technology specialist can offer expert guidance in person or without you ever leaving the driveway via camera-enabled apps like facetime.®24 learn more about these complimentary services at lexus.com/specialists options shown 22 23