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p erform ance p ro gr e ss ivep ow ernx 3 0 0 n x 3 0 0 fspo rt the surge of the 235-horsepower1 nx 300 doesn’t let up—thanks to the lexus engineers who spent years researching developing and refining a turbocharger with advanced twin-scroll technology the powerplant itself seamlessly moves between conventional and atkinson cycles for quick acceleration with greater efficiency the nx 300 f sport takes the experience even further with a more responsive sport-tuned suspension paddle shifters and bolstered sport seats nx 300h the nx 300h retains the dynamic driving performance of its turbocharged counterpart and adds the benefit of a class-leading estimated 31-mpg combined.2,29 you’ll also appreciate its exclusive damping control system utilizing wheel-speed and suspension sensors active damping control automatically counters the pitching forces caused by uneven roads as a result the nx hybrid is kept more level enhancing ride comfort and overall handling response al l-w he el drive go beyond limitations with available all-wheel drive awd predicts your path monitoring the vehicle and your input on the nx 300 and nx 300 f sport if wheelspin is detected it can deliver up to 50 of available torque to the rear wheels on the nx 300h the electronic awd system is so innovative it can even adapt to the angle or condition of the road awd available on nx 300 full-time all-wheel drive awd with rear electric-drive motor standard on nx 300h nx f sport awd shown in atomic silver options shown 28 29