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d esign exclusively available on the es f sport the hadori aluminum trim is inspired by a traditional japanese sword–making technique our lexus takumi master craftsmen exhaustively researched the centuries-old process and then developed a special polishing technique to mimic the design the result a one-ofa-kind interior trim with exceptional depth and luster complementing this ornamentation intricate handstitching on the dash provides a unique tactile quality and dimension that elevate the interior even further cr a fts ma ns hip born from imagination every curve innovation and feeling is a product of mastery from the hand-stitching on the dash to the available hadori aluminum accents and three-dimensional quilted seat design this is the epitome of unconventional craftsmanship the es features exquisite linear espresso and linear dark mocha wood trims multilayered works of art inspired by a lexus-exclusive design that requires 67 manufacturing steps over 38 days it also inherits the precision-crafted steering wheel found in the uncompromising ls by measuring the distribution of palm pressure on multiple points of the wheel during countless hours of test-driving its unique shape was achieved for the most natural grip regardless of hand position and pairing optimal performance with optimal comfort this unrivaled wheel offers heating around its entire circumference 18 options shown 19