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p erform ance t wo p ow e r so u rce s one exh il ar ating d ri v e the most powerful esh yet the most fuel-efficient lexus ever the most es period combining next-generation hybrid technology and a highly potent 2.5-liter engine this is the best of everything the es has to offer its newly developed battery is not only smaller and lighter but also strategically placed as close to the middle of the vehicle as possible for optimized front/rear weight distribution and a lower center of gravity and with paddle shifters that deliver driving dynamics similar to the es 350 it brings you closer to the road than ever before pairing powerful performance with a combined 44-mpg estimate,3 the esh isn’t just the most fuel-efficient lexus ever—it’s the most fuel-efficient among all non-plug-in luxury vehicles,2 period esh shown in nebula gray pearl options shown 28 29