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lc shown in atomic silver options shown 4

lch shown with rioja red leather interior trim options shown 10

p erform ance unpre c ede n te d p erforma n c e the lc offers one of the world’s most powerful naturally aspirated v8 engines for a truly visceral experience all that power means nothing if it doesn’t make you feel something with an impressive 5.0-liter v8 engine 471 horsepower,1 and a blistering 4.4-second zero-to-60 time,1,2 the lc 500 is finely tuned to give the driver a full-throttle experience take it up to its 7,300-rpm redline and the active sport exhaust delivers a potent full-throated engine howl unlike anything you’ve ever heard or felt a 10-speed direct-shift automatic transmission with magnesium paddle shifters was specifically designed for the lc further refined for the 2019 lc this exclusive transmission has one of the fastest shift times among conventional automatic transmissions,4 changing gears in 0.12 seconds or half the time it takes the average human to blink the system also learns your habits every time you drive selecting the optimum gear

p erform ance n o me asu r e too ext reme masterfully crafted then relentlessly tested and scrutinized to deliver a groundbreaking vehicle that lays the groundwork for the future of lexus high performance 18 the lc wasn’t just about creating the definitive performance car it was about redefining performance for lexus which meant going to extremes decades of takumi craftsmanship and a tradition of relentless engineering and refinement were taken even further everything was pushed to the limit to deliver this high-performance high-strength coupe a high-tensile steel chassis was built to lower the driving position by just 10 millimeters intake valves were made of titanium to make them a few grams lighter an available carbon fiber roof was developed to lower the vehicle’s center of gravity lightweight carbon fiber–reinforced sheet-molding compound allowed the complex shape of the inner doors to be molded as a single piece and the outer doors were engineered with

d esign de s ign with out comp romis e every decision was made in service of the coupe’s final form which seamlessly unites beauty with purpose and unites you with the lc a study in uninhibited passion and exhilaration the lc demanded a completely different approach to design and engineering a single character line that took months to perfect twice the number of engineering checkpoints than any lexus before it any sacrifice of design or performance was unacceptable the driving experience ultimately had to be as inspiring as the final form lch shown in nightfall mica options shown 24

d esign ava nt-ga rde is in t he deta il s premium triple-beam led headlamps the triple-projector ultra-compact led headlamps are more than striking they’re among the thinnest led projector headlamps in the industry.4 half the size of conventional lamps the polaric ellipsoid system combines with the daytime running lights and led cornering lamps to create an unmistakable lexus signature 2 1 inchfo rg edal loy wheels available 21-inch forged alloy wheels6 offer a lightweight design black-and-chrome coating and a polished finish flu shexteriordoorhandlesa flush-surface door handle with illumination enhances aerodynamics and creates a sophisticated first impression when the handle is extended outward inset leds illuminate the door as the doors close or after 15 seconds the lighting fades dimensionalrear co mbin at i o n ta illamps one of the most stunning features of any lexus vehicle to date the dimensional taillamps were inspired by the dramatic glow of a jet’s

d esign s p ort pack age for a higher level of performance the sport package offers advanced track-developed features like a torsen® limited-slip differential11 lc 500 that distributes engine power to the rear axle for optimized traction alcantara®5-trimmed sport seats with eight-way power support are specially engineered for high-g cornering and circuit driving the high-back seats are designed to help maintain the ideal posture and the textured leather trim helps grip the driver’s back—even against significant lateral g-forces the available sport package also offers a glass or carbon fiber roof lightweight forged alloy wheels intuitive parking assist,10 and blind spot monitor8 with rear cross-traffic alert.9 lc shown in atomic silver options shown 32 lc shown with rioja red leather interior trim options shown

t ech nology the l ea ding edge o f yo u r seat now with apple carplay compatibility wi-fi and other advancements you’ll be more connected than ever driving the lc won’t be the only source of your entertainment starting with onboard wi-fi™ that enables up to five different devices to connect online apple carplay15 allows you to seamlessly integrate the same familiar interface from your iphone16 through the multimedia display of the lc simply connect your iphone to get directions make calls or send and receive messages via siri,®18 and get access to your favorite apps like spotify,® audible® and apple podcasts.™ 19 with amazon alexa,14 all the convenience of an alexa device at home can now be enjoyed in your vehicle using only your voice you can listen to audiobooks stream amazon music,14 make lists check the weather get news briefings and more alexa even syncs to your navigation system13 to provide on-the-go recommendations lc shown with apple

t ech nology peace of min d standa rdpre co llisions ys temwithpedestriandet ec tionlanede pa rt ureale rt w it h lane keep assist a l l -s peed dy namicra da r c ru i s e co n t ro l presenting lexus safety system an integrated suite of the most advanced active safety equipment ever offered on the lc this system21 is engineered to help detect a vehicle or a pedestrian22 in the path of your lexus under certain conditions should it detect a potential frontal collision it’s designed to automatically prepare brake assist23 for increased brake force and in some cases can even automatically brake the vehicle to a stop this system24 utilizes a camera to monitor visible lane markings if an inadvertent or potential lane departure is detected it’s designed to warn you and can take slight corrective measures and if dynamic radar cruise control25 is engaged the system can even help you remain in the center of the visibly marked lane helping to prevent drifting before it occurs

pack ages i n d ivi d ual o pti o ns co nvenience pac k ag e torsen® limited-slip rear differential11 intuitive parking assist10 a blind spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert 8 9 head-up display mark levinson® 13-speaker 915-watt reference surround sound audio system7 a l l -w e at h e r pac k ag e heated leather-trimmed steering wheel accesso ri es windshield wiper de-icer electronic heater lc 500h b carbon fiber rear spoiler this lightweight spoiler intensifies the aerodynamic presence of your lc to uring pac k ag e includes convenience package plus semi-aniline leather-trimmed front seats alcantara®5 headliner a b mark levinson® 13-speaker 915-watt reference surround sound audio system7 s p o rt pac k ag e includes convenience package plus eight-way power front sport seats with alcantara®5 inserts c carbon fiber roof or glass roof performance pac k ag e includes sport package with carbon fiber roof plus active rear steering variable gear-ratio steering

lc 5 0 0 471 h orsepo wer 1 v8 engine 5.0 liter lc 5 0 0 h 354 tota l s ys temh orsepo wer 1 v6 at kinson cyc leengine l e xu s m u lt i s tag e hybrid drive 3.5 liter warranty four-year/50,000-mile lexus limited warranty six-year/70,000-mile powertrain warranty six-year/unlimited-mileage corrosion perforation warranty eightyear/100,000-mile hybrid system warranty all warranties with zero deductible see the lc warranty and services guide at your lexus dealer for details disclosures 1 ratings achieved using the required premium unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 91 or higher if premium fuel is not used performance will decrease 2 performance figures are for comparison only and were obtained with prototype vehicles by professional drivers using special safety equipment and procedures do not attempt 3 infrared available for an additional charge 4 2019 lc vs 2018/2019 competitors information from manufacturers’ websites as of 4/27/2018 5 alcantara is a registered