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gs f sport shown in ultra white 4

gs f shown in caviar 10

gs f shown in liquid platinum top left atomic silver bottom left and ultrasonic blue mica 2.0 6 right 14

p erform ance the gs f peerless performance a class-leading naturally aspirated v8 is just one way it surpasses the competition 7 offering nothing short of pure exhilaration the gs f’s specially tuned 467-hp3 5.0-liter v8 is not only the most powerful naturally aspirated engine in its class,7 it also spins to a heady 7,300 rpm the gs f’s thrilling eight-speed sport direct-shift transmission with downshift rev-matching features precisely positioned paddle shifters for split-second upshifts all the way to its 168-mph top track speed3,8—the highest among all v8 competitors.7 4.5 0–60 mph sec 3,8 engineering a deft performance vehicle to carve through slalom courses and dominate straightaways requires an optimal balance of innovative components like lightweight titanium valves and high-strength forged connecting rods a brisk 4.5-second zero to 603,8 is the result gs f shown in ultrasonic blue mica 2.0 6 18

p erform ance u ltimate precisio n from the dynamic handling of the gs and gs f sport to the track-ready systems of the gs f this isn’t just commanding the road—it’s dominating it gs uninhib it e d ag i l it y performance starts from the ground up with alloy wheels that are positioned by front and rear aluminum control arms to help reduce unsprung weight and deliver responsive agility body control and steering precision engineered to reduce noise and vibration throughout the chassis available yamaha® performance dampers provide greater stability at high speeds and further enhance cornering maneuverability for added excitement drive mode select enables you to shift the engine’s emphasis from high efficiency to high performance with a simple turn of a dial gs fspo rt l e xu s dy namichandling the available lexus dynamic handling system coordinates dynamic rear steering variable gear-ratio steering and electronic power steering to anticipate and deliver

d esign meticu lou s cr a ftsma n shi p in the gs you’ll find craftsmanship that goes beyond the expected from subtle ambient lighting to innovative laser-etched trim as you step into the cabin of the gs you’ll discover how the highest levels of craftsmanship are transformed into artistry on the dash and doors eye-catching gray sapele wood is among the expertly crafted available trims that set the tone through laser-etching technology aluminum highlights are revealed from behind the polished wood veneer the available leather-trimmed seats are made from premium leather that undergoes meticulous hand-selections and an array of tests including the equivalent of 10 years of uv-ray exposure long before its artful stitching begins and available ambient lighting accentuates design details throughout the cabin gs shown with chateau leather and gray sapele wood with aluminum interior trim top left bottom right 26

t ech nology from an available 12.3-inch highresolution split screen to a full-color head-up display to the ability to start your engine remotely9 with your smartwatch this is high tech that’s easily accessible and available premium triple-beam led headlamps with intelligent high beams10 lower when oncoming traffic is detected for technology that’s as reassuring as it is visionary progress on full display with advanced technology inside and out the gs line boldly pushes imaginative innovation above and beyond gs f shown with black leather and black carbon fiber interior trim 30

t ech nology p eac e of min d standard presenting lexus safety system an integrated suite of the most advanced active safety equipment ever offered on the gs and gs f.18 p r e co llisions ys temw it hpedestriandet ec tionlanede pa rt ureale rt w it h lane keep assist a l l -s peed dy namicra da r c ru i s e co n t ro l intelligent high beams this system19 is engineered to help detect a vehicle or a pedestrian in the path of your lexus under certain conditions should it detect a potential frontal collision it’s designed to automatically prepare brake assist 20 for increased brake force and in some cases can even automatically brake the vehicle to a stop this system21 utilizes a camera to monitor visible lane markings if an inadvertent or potential lane departure is detected it’s designed to warn you and can take slight corrective measures and if dynamic radar cruise control22 is engaged the system can even help you remain in the center of the visibly marked lane helping

gs pac k ag espremium pac k ag e gs options b premium triple-beam led headlamps gs f sport gs awd intuitive parking assist35 leather-trimmed interior power open/close trunk a power rear sunshade adds ventilated front seats rain-sensing intermittent windshield wipers heated steering wheel 17-speaker mark levinson®16 premium surround sound audio system color head-up display co ldwe at h e r pac k ag e gs awd and gs f sport awd headlamp washers windshield wiper de-icer c orange brake calipers gs f sport rwd lexus dynamic handling with dynamic rear steering gs f sport rwd torsen®2 limited-slip differential gs f sport rwd water-repellent front-door glass gs f options a d 17-speaker mark levinson®16 premium surround sound audio system c blue brembo® brake calipers4 with f logo color head-up display 19-in hand-polished split-10-spoke forged alloy wheels1 by bbs®5 b 38 d

gs f wheel s forged alloy wheels by bbs add an edge the widest standard tires1 in the class7 paired with these bold 19-inch forged alloy wheels make a statement while enhancing performance through increased strength and decreased weight 19-in matte black split-10-spoke forged alloy wheels1 by bbs®5 standard 19-in hand-polished split-10-spoke forged alloy wheels1 by bbs5 available gs f shown in ultrasonic blue mica 2.0 6 left and atomic silver right 42