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off-road o n de mand take your weekend adventures to the next level with advanced technology to take on any road in addition to full-time 4wd commanding performance reaches a new peak with the available off-road package multi-terrain select allows you to choose from multiple surfaces such as loose rocks mud and sand moguls and more to optimize drivability and for greater visibility to match the multi-terrain monitor13 works with multi-terrain select to display a variety of distinct camera views including a convenient under-vehicle view the 2020 gx also offers a crawl control2 system that was enhanced from three to five speeds activated with the simple push of a button it helps automatically maintain an optimal slow and steady pace over challenging terrain and to give the most avid off-road1 driver peace of mind the package even features a transmission-oil cooler and a fuel-tank protector my20 gx underview cameras m u lt i te rr ai n m o ni tor my20 gx side view cameras under view useful when traversing rocks or moguls this view displays the terrain and tire location underneath your vehicle 13 my20 gx rear view cameras side view fro ntview rear view when your excursion leads you into tight spaces this view13 allows you to clearly see the areas to the left and right of your vehicle this view displays both the front panoramic and overhead views to give you a 360-degree perspective of your vehicle when you put the vehicle in reverse the backup camera14 and overhead views13 are shown on the multimedia display in full color with dynamic gridlines to help you avoid obstacles 13 gx shown in nebula gray pearl 28 29