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ls shown in manganese luster2 4

d esign design that stirs experience the culmination of thoughtful design and unconventional craft lsh shown in manganese luster2 10 countless steps in the search for one pure emotion that’s the design philosophy behind our most evocative ls yet with its sleek coupe-like profile evocative premium triplebeam led headlamps and available art wood trims like a herringbone design that demands the same process used to craft topquality musical instruments including being arranged and sliced by hand the 2020 ls represents the pinnacle of distinctive design

d esign worl d-cl ass cra fts ma nshi p art wo o d o rga n i c sustainably and responsibly sourced from the agathis tree available art wood organic trim features a vibrant grain pattern reminiscent of flickering flames like nothing else in an automobile or in nature itself it’s created by a takumi craftsman slicing multiple sheets of wood across the grain and applying a natural gloss to enhance the vibrancy ambient lighting inspired by the warm glow of traditional japanese andon lanterns and the welcoming spirit of omotenashi soft led illumination warmly invites the driver and passengers into the cabin and light sources behind the armrest and door trim give the impression that the armrest is elegantly floating adding to the serene atmosphere po lished mag nesiumde ta i l s with fluid delicate lines reminiscent of the traditional japanese harp koto the dash accents of the ls are made of magnesium because of its unique tactile qualities the manufacturing process requires several

d esign first-cl ass luxu ry the execu t iv e package to achieve the finest passenger experience we’ve ever created the executive package offers two exceptional levels of refinement in addition to generous rear legroom lexus climate concierge and rear-seat butterfly headrests the first level also features an extendable right-rear ottoman,3,4 an impressive rear-seat reclining angle and heated and ventilated rear seats with a massager the second level of the package offers the remarkable style of kiriko glass and hand-pleated trim to help you make the most of every indulgence the rear-seat passenger control panel enables you to manage the finest details—from individual climate zones to seven different massage settings ls shown with white leather and art wood herringbone interior trim 18

p erform ance dual pow e r so u rces f i r st-class pe rformance the ls 500h is the first multistage hybrid prestige luxury sedan and with the instinctive feel of a 10-speed automatic transmission the most responsive and fastest ls hybrid we’ve ever created built on an advanced powertrain it boasts a combined 354-hp,1,6 24-valve gas engine powerful yet compact electric motors and our lightest most compact lithium-ion battery with these groundbreaking innovations the ls 500h is the breakthrough that recasts the entire concept of excellence in the category lsh shown in liquid platinum 24

f s p ort perfo rma n ce the razor-sharp handling of the lexus high-performance line meets aggressive track-inspired design with the ls f sport sharing a platform with the intense lc coupe and dna with the lfa it includes a specially tuned suspension system engineered by the same team behind the iconic supercar beyond larger brakes optimized brake pads8 and deeply bolstered front sport seats you can take the exhilarating drive even further with the ls performance package boasting variable gear-ratio steering active rear steering and active stabilizers it also features our most advanced vehicle dynamics control system—the first to control all six forms of vehicle movement ls f sport shown in atomic silver 28

t ech nology innovation that inspires experience world’s-first technology that anticipates every need and elevates every moment the most advanced safety system ever offered on a lexus the world’s first mark levinson®11 quantum logic® immersion audio system lexus enform12 smartwatch functionality.13 with cutting-edge safety innovations and leading-edge in-vehicle technology every touchpoint in the ls was crafted around the driver’s every desire for added visibility it offers a 24-inch head-up display—one of the world’s largest5 —that not only projects key information such as speed current gear and rpm onto the windshield it’s also one of the first displays to warn you about the possibility of pedestrians14 or cross traffic ahead.15 ls shown with white leather and art wood herringbone interior trim 32

t ech nology p e ac e of min d standard presenting lexus safety system 2.0 an integrated suite of class-leading standard active safety equipment 5,25 p r e co llisions ys temwithpedestriandet ec tionlanetr ac ingassistlanede pa rt ureale rt w it hsteeringassist roa dsign as sist all -s peed dy namicra da r c ru i s e co n t rol i nt elligenthighbeams by enhancing the radar and camera capabilities it’s now possible for the system26 to help detect not only the vehicle ahead but also a preceding bicyclist in daytime and even a preceding pedestrian in daytime and low-light conditions.27 should it detect a potential frontal collision it can help automatically brake the vehicle to a stop when all-speed dynamic radar cruise control28 is enabled this hands-on system29 monitors visible lane markings or the path of the preceding vehicle to help the driver keep their vehicle centered in the lane by providing steering assistance designed for added convenience and to help reduce driver

l s styles ls 500 standard on every ls adaptive variable suspension drive mode select with sport s and custom modes vehicle dynamics integrated management 36 lexus enform app suite 2.012 lexus enform safety connect37 and service connect.37 included for the first 10 years of ownership lexus enform wi-fi 4gb/one-year trial is included.38 lexus enform remote13 with amazon alexa20 and google assistant23 compatibility included for the first three years of ownership lexus enform dynamic navigation.12,39 included for up to the first three years of ownership lexus app services lexus enform remote lexus drivers and more dynamic voice command39 with bluetooth®40 and usb41 smartphone connectivity navigation system22 with 12.3-in color lcd multimedia display lexus 12-speaker premium audio system amazon alexa20 compatibility apple carplay®16 integration active sound control and active noise cancellation remote touchpad42 heated leather-trimmed steering wheel with paddle shifters 16-way

w he e l s 19-in 19-in split-10-spoke alloy noise-reduction wheels9 with dark silver and machined finish split-10-spoke alloy noise-reduction wheels9 with high-gloss finish standard ls lsh available ls lsh 20-in 20-in split-10-spoke alloy noise-reduction wheels9 with vapor chrome finish split-five-spoke forged alloy wheels9 with polished finish available ls lsh available ls lsh 20-in split-five-spoke alloy wheels9 with dark graphite finish standard ls f sport 46 lsh shown in nightfall mica

w heneve ry d e ta i l ext er i o r every m o m ent an d every em oti o n is cr afted by lexus obsidian caviar nightfall mica matador red mica manganese luster † satin cashmere metallic atomic silver liquid platinum eminent white pearl ultra white it le ads to th i s limited availability production ends februar y 2020 † additional charge for configuration details visit lexus.com/lsbuild lexus.com p0-4167 07/19 00217lsbro20 printed in u.s.a 55m ©2019