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d esign worl d-cl ass cra fts ma nshi p art wo o d o rga n i c sustainably and responsibly sourced from the agathis tree available art wood organic trim features a vibrant grain pattern reminiscent of flickering flames like nothing else in an automobile or in nature itself it’s created by a takumi craftsman slicing multiple sheets of wood across the grain and applying a natural gloss to enhance the vibrancy ambient lighting inspired by the warm glow of traditional japanese andon lanterns and the welcoming spirit of omotenashi soft led illumination warmly invites the driver and passengers into the cabin and light sources behind the armrest and door trim give the impression that the armrest is elegantly floating adding to the serene atmosphere po lished mag nesiumde ta i l s with fluid delicate lines reminiscent of the traditional japanese harp koto the dash accents of the ls are made of magnesium because of its unique tactile qualities the manufacturing process requires several layers of surface treatment in order to create the distinct feel and dynamic appearance ki r i ko cu tglass with its delicately etched pattern and luminous glow available kiriko glass is designed by hand to catch the eye and light then a laser-scanning technique creates data from ten thousand different cuts in order to capture the uniqueness of this human touch each piece of glass requires up to 147 points of polishing which can take hours to complete hand pl e at e d tr i m created from a single piece of cloth the available hand-pleated interior trim is a tribute to the art of origami simple yet painstakingly crafted this masterful trim started as true origami and took four years to develop the final expression is so complex and precise that it can only be folded by human hands ls shown with parchment leather and art wood organic interior trim 14 15