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lx shown in atomic silver 4

lx shown with available cabernet semi-aniline leather and linear espresso wood interior trim 8

d esign unmistakable from every angle the lx unites bold styling with commanding utility offering a muscular chiseled exterior premium triple-beam led headlamps and available class-exclusive interior technology.1 with a new sport package that features a unique more dynamic front fascia and a lower rear valance the lx does more than just blur the line between luxury and capability it obliterates it the design sharp exterior styling an all-new sport package and handcrafted details forge the ultimate expression of beauty in strength lx with sport package shown in eminent white pearl 12

d esign supre me v e r sat ilit y an expansive cabin with class-exclusive climate technology offers a rare level of comfort and convenience from the sequential ambient led illumination to the available cool box and heated wood and leather-trimmed steering wheel every element of the lx interior is informed by a meticulous attention to detail and omotenashi the japanese art of hospitality rear-s e at acco m m o dat ions with customizable seating and ample cargo space,6 the lx is available in a five-passenger two-row or versatile three-row configuration both models include power-sliding 60/40-split second-row seating with a 40/20/40-split seatback while the eight-passenger lx offers the addition of a power-folding 50/50-split third-row seat h e at edandventil at edse at i n g the 14-way power-adjustable driver’s seat and 12-way power-adjustable front passenger’s seat offer convenient memory settings dual-function lumbar adjustability and heating with available heated and

capab ilit y comma nding ca pa b il it y n at ural ly aspir at e d 5 7 l it e r v8 w it h 3 8 3 horsep ow e r a 5.7-liter v8 generates 383 horsepower2 and comes loaded with 403 lb-ft of torque2 at low rpm an advanced eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters and an impressive 7,000-lb towing capability3,4 with trailer sway control.8 fu l l -t imefour-w heeldrivew it h ac tivetr ac tion co n t ro l the torsen®9 torque-sensing limited-slip center differential with electronic differential lock efficiently distributes engine power between the front and rear axles optimizing traction in a wide variety of conditions four-wheel active traction control helps keep you securely on the road by using sensors to detect the onset of wheel slippage automatically applying the brake to the slipping wheel and shifting power to the wheels with the most traction l a rg ebrake roto r s w it hfour p i s to n fro ntcalipers 13.9-inch ventilated front discs with four-piston calipers

capab ilit y off-roa d p ow erho u se a unique desert racing pedigree meets unsurpassed performance technologies that push the boundaries few luxury vehicles ever make it off the beaten path none have the off-road5 racing heritage of the lx taking the crown a record eight times across the desert racing circuit including at the notorious mint 400 the lx is unrivaled7 in its balance of extreme off-roading capability and exceptionally smooth handling m u lt i -t errainsel ec t c r aw l co n t ro l w it hturnassist the multi-terrain select system helps to enhance the driver’s control over challenging varied landscapes the system offers the ability to adjust the amount of traction and response by choosing from five different types of terrain rock rock dirt mogul loose rock or mud sand activated with the press of a button crawl control11 is designed to automatically maintain an optimal slow and steady pace over challenging terrain turn assist can also tighten your turning circle

t ech nology p e ac e of min d standard presenting lexus safety system an integrated suite of class-leading standard active safety equipment.1,14 p r e co llisions ys temw it hpedestriandet ec tionlanede pa rt ureale rt a l l -s peed dy namicra da r c ru i s e co n t ro l intelligent high beams this system16 is engineered to help detect a vehicle or a pedestrian17 in the path of your lexus under certain conditions should it detect a potential frontal collision it’s designed to automatically prepare brake assist 18 for increased brake force and in some cases can even automatically brake the vehicle to a stop this system19 utilizes a high-resolution camera to monitor visible lane markings and determine the vehicle’s position within a lane if an inadvertent lane departure or potential departure due to swaying is detected at speeds above 32 mph the system attempts to alert the driver with audible and visual warnings and steering-wheel vibrations this system20 uses radar

t ech nology v i s ib il ity i n novations from a bird’s-eye view to an under-vehicle pov leading-edge camera technologies help enhance control from many angles pa noramicviewmoni to r designed to help drivers avoid potential obstacles and make parking more convenient the panoramic view monitor,29 with wide front view and side view uses four high-resolution cameras to create a composite image of the vehicle’s near surroundings it can be paired with backup view 30 or wide back view30 to assist with parking and maneuvering in hard-to-see areas in real time co lo rhead updispl ay the available full-color head-up display can project key information about your audio speed current gear and rpm onto the windshield display information can be adjusted to suit the driver m u lt i -t errainmon ito r operated with the panoramic view monitor29 and harnessing the added visibility of a virtual under-vehicle camera the multi-terrain monitor 31 can check terrain and tire location

pac k ag e s o pt i o ns luxu ry pac k ag elxt wo andthree row options perforated semi-aniline leather interior trim heated and ventilated front and second-row outboard seats b cool box 21-in 10-spoke alloy wheels47 with black and machined finish four-zone climate concierge lx projector door lamps lxthree row options heated wood and leather-trimmed steering wheel rear-seat entertainment system26 with dual 11.6-in displays hdmi input and wireless headphones27 s p o rt pac k ag e includes lx three-row features and luxury package plus a exclusive sport grille and front spoilers exclusive sport-design side mirrors with chrome detail color head-up display mark levinson®15 19-speaker 450-watt reference surround sound audio system wireless charger lx 570 383 4wd v8 8-speed h o rs e po w e r 2 engine black headliner 21-in 10-spoke alloy wheels47 with black and machined finish au to m at ictransmissionwith pa ddleshifters 5.7 liter 403 exclusive sport rear valance l b f t to rq u e s ta

color m ate rial f in i sh accessories d i sclosures in teri or trim the lexus accessory line is as elegant and well-crafted as your exquisitely designed lexus vehicle and ours are the only lexus accessories that are warranted for up to 48 months/50,000 miles50 and honored at every lexus dealership in the nation.51 for more please visit lexus.com/accessories warranty four-year/50,000-mile lexus limited warranty six-year/70,000-mile powertrain warranty six-year/unlimited-mileage corrosion perforation warranty all warranties with zero deductible see the lx warranty and services guide at your lexus dealer for details 1 2020 lx vs 2019/2020 competitors information from manufacturers’ websites as of 6/14/2019 2 ratings achieved using the required premium unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 91 or higher if premium fuel is not used performance will decrease 3 please consult your lexus dealer or owner’s manual for towing and load specifications 4 before towing confirm

w heneve ry d e ta i l e xt e r i or every m o m ent an d every em oti o n is cr afted by lexus black onyx nightfall mica nebula gray pearl atomic silver satin cashmere metallic ‡ eminent white pearl it le ads to th i s available in spor t package only † additional charge ‡ limited availability production ends november 2019 for configuration details visit lexus.com/l xbuild 43 lexus.com p0-4177 07/19 00217lxbro20 printed in u.s.a 25m ©2019