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capab ilit y off-roa d p ow erho u se a unique desert racing pedigree meets unsurpassed performance technologies that push the boundaries few luxury vehicles ever make it off the beaten path none have the off-road5 racing heritage of the lx taking the crown a record eight times across the desert racing circuit including at the notorious mint 400 the lx is unrivaled7 in its balance of extreme off-roading capability and exceptionally smooth handling m u lt i -t errainsel ec t c r aw l co n t ro l w it hturnassist the multi-terrain select system helps to enhance the driver’s control over challenging varied landscapes the system offers the ability to adjust the amount of traction and response by choosing from five different types of terrain rock rock dirt mogul loose rock or mud sand activated with the press of a button crawl control11 is designed to automatically maintain an optimal slow and steady pace over challenging terrain turn assist can also tighten your turning circle by adding brake force to the inside rear wheel hill -s ta rt assist co n t ro l hill-start assist control10 hac helps to increase driver confidence when ascending hills while stopped on an incline conventional vehicles may roll back once you step off the brake the innovative hac system helps maintain the vehicle’s position by automatically applying the brakes to all four wheels until the vehicle begins moving forward 24 25