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available xm navtraffic® hdd navigation system5 medium brown walnut wood trim electroluminescent instrumentation it is now possible for a vehicle to be as capable on the inside as on the outside capability in the context of utility vehicles it is a word that conjures up images of rugged roads and unmapped trails the expected world of utility if you will the lx 570 has a different take consider its hdd navigation system5 that uses a hard disk drive with 30 gigabytes of maps and data that are more easily and quickly retrievable than conventional systems and an available xm navtraffic® system that conveniently displays real-time traffic updates on major highways and gives optional routes around heavy congestion.5 other features include a high-resolution screen english vehicle shown with available equipment spanish and french language guidance capability and nearly nine million identifiable points of interest it also has the ability to calculate up to three different routes fastest

5.7-liter v8 383 horsepower9 six-speed sequential-shift automatic transmission dual variable valve timing with intelligence vvt-i 0-to-60 time 1.5 seconds faster than the previous generation power that pushes the limits technology that pushes the category the lx 570 boasts a 5.7-liter 383-horsepower9 engine with a six-speed automatic transmission an impressive resume of raw power to be sure but what truly sets the lx apart is an advanced dual variable valve timing with intelligence system that adds variability to the intake and exhaust valve timing and allows the engine to respond quicker to changing demands and conditions meaning drivers vehicle shown with available equipment enjoy greater torque on demand more efficient power and an impressive 0-to-60 time of just 7.4 seconds.9,10

403 lb-ft torque9 ultra low-emission vehicle ulev ii 8,500-pound towing capacity the ability to take it all with you with ease ordinarily utility vehicles are designed with great emphasis on brute strength and power and very little emphasis on how that power is harnessed fortunately the lx 570 is no ordinary utility vehicle it supplies astonishing strength with 8,500 pounds of towing capacity11 and impressive 403 lb-ft of torque9 90 percent of which is at a very low 2,200 rpm and for enhanced traction the lx includes full-time four-wheel drive with a torsen®12 limited-slip center differential all this gives drivers the option of hauling large equipment like boats and trailers up steep hills and helps the lx do so in a consistent and well-poised manner

power-folding third-row seat heated and available cooled front seats provide an exceptional level of comfort four zones with independently controlled temperature settings that automatically cool or heat each area venting throughout the cabin pillars is designed to minimize fogging and to warm cold air coming in from windows 28 separate vents throughout the cabin work together to help keep each zone at its optimal temperature four zones of comfort an overview

the lx features seating for up to eight adults that provides countless seating configurations for ease and convenience there is a power-sliding second-row seat a power-folding third-row seat and a power rear door for nearly effortless loading and unloading 10 an abundance of cargo space nearly endless seating configurations one perfect

available mark levinson reference surround sound audio system3 7.1-channel architecture individual channel sourcing to speakers 19 speakers the difference between listening to music and being immersed in it the available mark levinson reference surround sound audio system3 provides a full sensory listening experience like no other vehicle much less a utility vehicle the system offers a signature arrangement of 19 speakers a new hard disk drive that stores up to 2,000 songs and 7.1-channel architecture with surround sound capability the system is so advanced it is able to accurately recreate the rich dynamic clarity you d expect from the highest-end home audio systems in fact when listening to an audio dvd passengers can actually hear and pinpoint the different locations of the instruments at play this unique immersion in sound is likened to a concert-quality experience yet one that the lx allows you to take wherever you want to go

abs vsc and x-ahc in other words confidence without boundaries vehicle stability control vsc13 rain-sensing windshield wipers brake assist14 adaptive front lighting system afs full-time four-wheel drive 20-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels15 even the traditional definition of capability has been vastly enhanced by groundbreaking technology on the lx 570 among the most noteworthy features crawl control4 adapts to rugged conditions by maintaining a low or walking vehicle speed by automatically controlling the engine and brake force the system helps to minimize tire slipping pitching or bouncing over rocks and allows the driver to more fully concentrate on steering this helps enhance control and diminishes the chance of bottoming the chassis on any surfaces on other types of terrain the multi-terrain anti-lock braking system abs is designed to help the driver maintain steering control during hard braking on surfaces with less traction such as wet roads gravel and sand and when cornering in

available pre-collision system pcs2 active front headrests16 comprehensive airbag system srs17 adaptive front lighting system afs available dynamic radar cruise control18 tuesday 11:04 a.m a sequence of events the available pre-collision system2 senses an unavoidable collision brake assist14 is prepared the instant the driver quickly and forcibly depresses the brake pedal increased braking force will be applied suspension system is stiffened to help prevent the front end from lowering prior to impact seatbelts retract moment of impact airbags17 deploy crumple zones compress to help absorb energy of collision if another car rear-ends the lx active front headrests16 instantly raise and move forward to help prevent whiplash we ve spent years preparing for this moment presenting the pre-collision system what happens in the milliseconds before a collision can have a crucial impact on its outcome a first for its class the available pre-collision system2 on the lx is designed to

engine body dimensions chassis type 90° v8 aluminum block and heads certified ultra-low emission vehicle ulev ii 5.7 liters 345.6 cubic inches four cam four valves per cylinder with dual variable valve timing with intelligence vvt-i 10.2:1 383 hp 5,600 rpm9 403 lb-ft 3,600 rpm9 type construction overall length width height wheelbase ground clearance approach angle departure angle eight-passenger luxury utility vehicle welded-steel body on box-section ladder frame 196.5 in 4,991 mm 77.6 in 1,971 mm 75.6 in29 1,920 mm 112.2 in 2,850 mm 8.9 in 225 mm 31 degrees x-ahc high 29 degrees29 x-ahc normal 23 degrees x-ahc high 20 degrees29 x-ahc normal 83.1 cu ft 2,353 l second-row seats folded and third-row seats folded to the side 30 vehicle stability control vsc13 displacement valvetrain electronic system that monitors and helps control the loss of traction in a turn by using yaw-rate lateral acceleration vehicle-speed and steering-wheel-angle sensors modulates engine power and applies

electronic brakeforce distribution ebd direct tire pressure monitor system 24 opt ion s an d acc e sso ries disclaimers 1 the wide-view front and side monitor does not provide a comprehensive view of the front and side areas of the vehicle you should also look around outside your vehicle and use your mirrors to confirm clearance cold weather will limit effectiveness and view may become cloudy 2 the pre-collision system is designed to help reduce the crash speed and damage in certain frontal collisions only it is not a collision-avoidance system and is not a substitute for safe and attentive driving system effectiveness depends on many factors such as speed driver input and road conditions please see your owner s manual for further information 3 mark levinson is a registered trademark of harman international industries inc 4 the lx 570 is designed to meet most off-road driving requirements but off-roading is inherently dangerous abusive use may result in bodily harm or damage lexus

lx exterior colors mercury metallic golden almond metallic starfire pearl black onyx noble spinel mica twilight gray metallic lx interior leather lx interior wood dark gray cashmere medium brown walnut mercury metallic cashmere dark gray golden almond metallic starfire pearl black onyx noble spinel mica twilight gray metallic medium brown walnut