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abs vsc and x-ahc in other words confidence without boundaries vehicle stability control vsc13 rain-sensing windshield wipers brake assist14 adaptive front lighting system afs full-time four-wheel drive 20-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels15 even the traditional definition of capability has been vastly enhanced by groundbreaking technology on the lx 570 among the most noteworthy features crawl control4 adapts to rugged conditions by maintaining a low or walking vehicle speed by automatically controlling the engine and brake force the system helps to minimize tire slipping pitching or bouncing over rocks and allows the driver to more fully concentrate on steering this helps enhance control and diminishes the chance of bottoming the chassis on any surfaces on other types of terrain the multi-terrain anti-lock braking system abs is designed to help the driver maintain steering control during hard braking on surfaces with less traction such as wet roads gravel and sand and when cornering in snow vehicle stability control vsc 13 can aid drivers by detecting initial sideslip of the wheels by working with abs and traction control vsc13 helps manage loss of traction while cornering by adjusting engine power and selectively applying individual brakes 13 for a demonstration please visit