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low temperature controller model 9700 model 9700 technical data mains connection 50/60 hz v ac power consumption max w advantages to the user microprocessor controlled pid ­controller digital temperature readout in kelvin 150 entry of data 3 x 4 membrane key pad data memory eprom two line 20 digit led digital display display low temperature controller model 9700 85 to 240 temperature measurement sensors 2 x silicon diodes type d or 2 x silicon diodes with standard temperature resistance characteristics µa 10 k 1.5 to 450 measurement current measurement range measurement range of the silicon diode type d k 1.4 to 325 k 2 control by means of counter ­heating number of channels high control accuracy over the en­tire temperature range 1.5 to 450 k resolution electric heating power up to 50 w temperature resolution programmable heater power limit temperature control generation of linear temperature ramps heating power max w 50 up to 50 program steps are ­programmable heating current max a 1 heating voltage max v dc simultaneous display of both channels a/d converter resolution bit 24 2 relays n.o and n.c contacts switching outputs k 0.1 pid controller 0 to 50 standard interface rs 232 c and ieee-488 computer interface rs 232 c and ieee-488 permissible ambient temperature °c °f +10 to +30 50 to +86 data from two sensors can be ­displayed mechanical design/cabinet analogue temperature outputs for both channels can be used in three operating modes manual program external computer control typical applications dimensions w xhxd [high h without feet weight dimensions of the packaging w xhxd table-top unit 8.5 x 3.5 x 12 mm in 215.9 x 88 x 304.8 8.5 x 3.5 x 12.0 kg lbs 2.3 5 mm in weight incl packaging approx kg lbs 4.2 9.3 length of mains cord 2.5 8.75 m ft ordering information temperature control at refrigerator cryostats model 9700 part no low temperature controller model 9700 842 400 sensor cable 3 m 10.5 ft long 842 401 silicon diode type d with connection cable and miniature plugs 196 360 x 230 x 450 14.17 x 9.06 x 17.72 leybold full line catalog fall 2016 890 89 leybold