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vacuum pump oils leybonol lubricating oils for vacuum pumps need to fulfil demanding requirements their vapor pressure must be low at high temperatures and the water content and water uptake must be minimal their viscosity characteristics need to be flat lubricating properties need to be excellent and they need to be resistant against thermal decomposition and increased mechanical stress all the leybonol oils listed in the following have been subjected in our factory laboratories to very comprehensive tests closely resembling the conditions encountered in practice by the respective pump series under vacuum engineering conditions lubricating oils may react very differently compared to what is being expected of them in order to ensure the best possible performance of the vacuum pumps the use of leybonol vacuum pump oils qualified by leybold is recommended when using third party oils the oil change intervals and the performance of the vacuum pump may be reduced also unwanted deposits may occur which may cause severe damage to the vacuum pump our oils are subjected to an involved qualification process with respect to their technical suitability in our vacuum pumps no liability will be assumed for any kind of damage caused through the usage of types of oil which have not been qualified or which are unsuitable in order to adapt the pumps to the different applications of our customers different types of oil are used in our vacuum pump series please note that owing to differing properties not all types of oil may be used in all our vacuum pump series if you can not find the combination of pump and oil you require by way of a part no please ask us for a quotation our warranty commitment is dependent on the usage of lubricating oils which are specifically qualified by us oil types mineral oils leybonol lvo 1xx mineral oils are products distilled and refined from crude oil these do not consist of precisely defined constituents but rather consist of a complex mixture the way in which the mineral oil is pre-treated and its composition is decisive as to the applications it will be suited for depending on the distribution of the hydrocarbons and the dominance of certain properties mineral oils are grouped according to paraffinbase naphthenic and aromatic for the purpose of attaining especially low ultimate pressures mineral oils must be selected on the basis of a core fraction 6 the thermal and chemical resistance of mineral oils has been found to be adequate in the majority of applications they offer a high degree of compatibility with elastomers and resistance to hydrolysis hydrocracking oils exhibit a higher thermal stability compared to conventional mineral oils in most cases the intervals between the oil changes can be extended mineral oils also include the group of hydrocracked oils these are frequently also termed semi-synthetic oils hydrocracked oils are produced under a very high hydrogen pressure at high temperature and are substantially free of aromatic compounds and olefins leybold full line catalog fall 2016 leybold