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using the ruvac ws and ruvac wh in combination with a frequency converter simulation of a pressure ­equalization line the available frequency converters have been matched to the pump so that the possibility of mechanically over­loading it is excluded in the case of a pressure difference which is too high the rotational speed of the pump is automatically reduced until its load drops in to the permissible range operation at any rotational speeds the frequency converter can be used to adjust the pumping speed of the roots pump during operation this allows maximum flexibility to find the right setup for any application increasing the pumping speed the pumps were developed to handle a maximum rotational speed between 4200 rpm and 7200 rpm depending on the respective pump size therefore the use of a frequency converter permits an increase in the nominal pumping speed of up to 140 ruvac wslf backing pumps the pumps of these series are ­espe­­cially adapted roots vacuum pumps from the ruvac ws series which are intended for operation with gas lasers the backing pumps from leybold listed in the following are recommended for connection to the ruvac roots vacuum pumps they are driven by a canned motor so that a shaft seal for sealing against at­mos­pheric pressure is not required rotary vane vacuum pumps trivac b with pumping speeds between 16 and 65 m3 x h-1 9.4 and 38.3 cfm air-cooled series with nominal p ­ umping speeds of 1000 m3 x h-1 589 cfm are available the ruvac wslf series with ­in-creased motor ratings is intended for operation in connection with ­frequency converters these pumps are available with nickelplated or plasma-nitrated ­surface as standard all pumps of these series are ­supplied with a horizontal pumping action vertical pumping action is available upon request rotary vane vacuum pumps sogevac with pumping speeds between 16 and 1200 m3 x h-1 9.4 and 707 cfm dry compressing screw vacuum pumps screwline sp 250 and sp 630 with pump­ing speed of 250 and 630 m3 x h-1 147.3 and 371 cfm dry compressing screw vacuum pumps dryvac with pumping speed of 450 to 3800 m3 x h-1 265 and 2238 cfm directly adaptable smallest system smart control note please enquire about possibly ­existing usage limits process ­dependent schematic section through a ruvac wa/ws left and a ruvac wau/wsu right 12 leybold full line catalog fall 2016 leybold