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frequency converter v1000 a frequency converter was specially developed for the wh series which perfectly matches the requirements of vacuum engineering applications owing to the flexible current limiting the maximum pumping speed is avail­ able within the high pressure range whereas in the lower pressure ranges the current limit is reduced corre­ spondingly so as to best protect the pump against thermal overloads this combination of power and protection can only be attained through our specially developed frequency conver­ ter high motor torque maximum differential pressure low motor torque thermal protection of booster the electronic frequency converters ruvatronic rt 5/251 to 5/16000 have been designed specially for use in connection with leybold roots pumps of the ruvac wa and ws series the main characteristics of the ruvatronic rt 5 are simulation of a pressure ­ equalization line the software of the frequency ­con­ver­­ters is adapted to each pump and ensures that the risk of m ­ echanically overload­ing the pump can be exclud­ ed in the case of too high pressure differences the r­otational speed will be decreased automati­cally until the load is ­reduced to w ­ ithin the pump’s limits ruvac roots vacuum pumps of the types wa and ws without p ­ res­sure equalization line can be switched on together with the forepump at at­mo­­ spheric pressure through this the pumpdown time can be reduced drastically the m ­ inimum pumping speed of the backing pump needs to be ­con­sidered in this case in connection with this kind of opera­ tion the minimum pumping speed of the backing pump needs to be ob­served d ize m sto it cu im v nt l ol rre cu current limit “plug and play operation” allows for simple installation the frequency converters are set up in the factory so that they only need to be connected for optimised pump operation it is not necessary to set up any additional parameters and no further expert know-how is required frequency converter ­ruvatronic rt 5 standard vfd fixed current limit booster frequency flexible motor current limit v 1000 pump required pumping speed for the backing pump wa/ws 0251 wa/ws 0501 wa/ws 1001 wa/ws 2001 wh 700 wh/whu 2500 wh/whu 4400 wh/whu 7000 leybold 0050 0100 0200 0410 0140 0430 0880 1200 m3/h m3/h m3/h m3/h m3/h m3/h m3/h m3/h 029 059 118 241 082 253 518 707 cfm cfm cfm cfm cfm cfm cfm cfm leybold full line catalog fall 2016 operation at up to 3 predefined speeds via floating contacts the pump can be operated at one of the 3 pre­defined speeds switching over to another pre­ defined speed is possible during operation operation at any rotational speed with a 0 to 10 v signal any speed can be predefined to operate the pump between the minimum and maximum rotational speed the s­ oftware reliably ensures that the r­otational speed cannot drop below the minimum speed or exceed the maximum speed increase in the pumping speed by operating the roots vacuum pumps at frequencies over 50 hz the nominal pumping speed of the pumps can be increased depending on the type of pump an increase be­tween 20 and 100 is possible note please enquire about possible ­application limitations process dependent dust separators and dust filters vacuum processes with a high particle count or involving significant quantities of dust require special measures for protecting the vacuum pumps dust separators and dust filters can be found in the catalog part “vacuum pump systems” chapter “accessories for oil sealed and dry compressing vacuum pumps” 13 roots vacuum pumps accessories