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ruvac wh/whu roots vacuum pumps with water-cooled hermetically sealed motors with synthetic oil or pfpe filling ruvac wh 4400 and wh 7000 single-stage roots vacuum pump with hermetically sealed motor advantages to the user typical applications minimized space requirements due to an extremely compact design secure operation and faster pump down in short cycle operation with optional bypass-line does not apply to wh 700 easy system integration motor protection ptc and pto lower energy costs through innovative motor technology ie 2 optimum price-to-performance ratio high pumping speed up to 9800 m3/h 70 hz with optional frequency converter integrated water cooling system for installation within closed systems parts in contact with the cooling water are made of stainless steel corrosion-free trouble-free operation with toxic or corrosive media owing to the hermetically sealed motor no shaft seals towards atmosphere therefore high reliability long service intervals and no oil leaks conversion from vertical to horizontal pumping action can be done from the side of the customer for wh 4400/7000 26 the roots pumps of the wh series were developed for deployment in all applications with high requirements regarding operating pressure cycle times and system uptime solar industry ruvac whu with bypass line maximum efficiency in short cycle operation for the whu types with bypass line and newly developed control flap reduced pumpdown time pump start-up at atmospheric pressure possible maximum pumpdown time with bypass line active not over three minutes optimized cycle time for the con trol flap patent pending delivers an even faster response compared to operation with frequency con verter furnace construction industrial coating processes research space simulation supplied equipment pump will be delivered with standard shock absorbers gasket in the intake flange with dirt sieve the required lubricant is included in separate bottles extreme contamination resistance of the control flap leybold full line catalog fall 2016 leybold