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ruvac wslf roots vacuum pumps for laser gas systems roots vacuum pumps driven by canned motors are ­available for gas laser systems ruvac wslf 1001 lf roots vacuum pump advantages to the user typical applications supplied equipment a gas mixture of helium nitrogen and carbon monoxide is con­ tinuously circulated at a ­reduced system pressure processing of ferrous and nonferrous materials like welding ­cutting and surface refinement horizontal pumping action as standard high pumping speed from a small quiet running pump technical note operation with a frequency converter is possible the gas circulation system must be very clean and entirely free of hydrocarbons the required lubricant is included separately leybonol lvo 220 nickel-plated pump chamber ­surfaces through an additional vacuum pump the bearing chambers may be evacuated to a pressure lower than the pressure within the ­pumping chamber of the ruvac with oil pressure switch and oil drain facility purged with nitrogen for corrosion protection dn a4 1 2 dn h1 water-cooled oil separating system h integrated oil separating system for extended maintenance ­intervals a5 a1 a2 b a a1 a2 a3 a4 a5 mm 990.0 560.0 520.0 16.5 360.0 180 in 39.0 22.05 20.47 0.65 14.17 7.09 dn 100 din 2501 b2 b1 a dn 100 din 2501 b3 a3 mm in b b1 b2 b3 h h1 370 320 246 24 227 414 14.57 12.60 9.69 0.94 8.94 16.302 connection for a vacuum pump 4 mm 0.16 in water connection for the oil separator 1 dn pump flange nd 6 to din 2501 2 dimensional drawing for the ruvac wslf 1001 pump 34 leybold full line catalog fall 2016 leybold