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tolerances and the quality of the balancing combined with forced lubricated bearings and toothed gears permit high speeds and the use of frequency converters thus it is possible to attain a high p ­ umping speed while the process is in progress and to reduce the speed when the process has been stopped or while changing the batch this results in a lower ­con­­sumption of energy and a l­onger service life with u ­ ncompromised reliability conversion from vertical to hori­ zontal flow is easily i­mplemented and can be p ­ erformed at the place where the pump has been installed thus the pump can be adapted more ­closely to the operating conditions of your system these characteristics make the roots vacuum pump attractive for almost all rough and medium vacuum applica­ tions semiconductor technology ruvac wh and ws in the area of semiconductor technology roots vacuum pumps are found in etching processes among others and in use with dry ­compressing backing pumps the pumping speed of the combina­tion of backing pumps a ­ mounts to 200 to 500 m3/h 118 to 295 cfm and it ensures a cut-in ­pressure of 10-1 mbar ­0.75 x 10-1 torr for the turbomolecular pump in the process corrosive gases need to be pumped together with a high particle count owing to the usage of media which present a health hazard hermetically sealed pump versions are used due to the lvo 400 lubricant filling in the gear a high degree of media resistance long service intervals a high reliability and thus very low costs of ownership are attained for use in clean rooms roots vacuum pumps with a water cooled motor without a motor fan are used this type of motor reduces the quantity of heat dissipated to the surround­ings to a minimum lately a further characteristic is ­gaining prominence roots vacuum pumps are capable of compressing the media in the pump chamber ­without the pres­ ence of any further media this mostly avoids interaction between different media in the pump itself and also in the connected v­ acuum chamber therefore the medium which is pumped is not contaminated with lubricants or sea­ lants complex accessories ex­haust filters separators etc are not needed the lubricant in the side chambers is hardly affected so that service life is not reduced backstreaming of oil from the backing pump into the connected vacuum chamber is prevented pump system with wh 7000 roots vacuum pump and sogevac sv 630 b rotary vane vacuum pump pump system consisting of ruvac wh 4400 and sogevac  sv 630 b 8 leybold full line catalog fall 2016 leybold