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large roots vacuum pumps usually in connection with single-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps serve several consumers of vacuum packaging machines for example at the same time the pressure can be controlled in a highly flexible manner through the speed controller of the roots pump which allows for a flexible adaptation of the pumping speed in the case of the ruvac wh and ws types a significantly higher pumping speed can also be attained by means of a frequency converter compared to operation off the normal mains power solar in the solar industry roots vacuum pumps can be found in almost all production steps in connection with the czochralski process or at dss fur­ naces for the manufacture of silicon crystals roots vacuum pumps are deployed to rapidly attain the demand­ ed conditioning pressure in connection with the various coating processes they ensure the necessary pumping speed at process pressure and very fast cycles at the load lock chambers in connection with lamination processes for the modules they assist in pumping down the laminators quickly and ensure a high pumping speed at lamination pressure leybold owing to the high production pressure very much is demanded as to the reli­ ability of the pumps during all process steps and this despite of reduced maintenance and service complexity process industry typical process industry applications are highly demanding regarding the ruggedness of roots pumps these need not only to pump clean media but must also be suited for pumping dusty or vapor containing media within an industrial environment here a high level of ruggedness is demanded at a good price-to-performance ratio whether during metallurgical processing or heat treatment of metals in connection with drying processes the plasma treatment of surfaces or in vacuum packaging processes – every­ where roots pumps from the different ruvac lines can excel they permit a rapid pump down and offer a high pumping speed at process pressure in combination with a frequency converter extremely high pumping speeds are possible with a small footprint leybold full line catalog fall 2016 laser systems wslf 1001 continuous circulation of the gas in order to remove heat from a closed cycle in which pressure differentials of up to 100 mbar 75 torr must be maintained the high cleanness re­quirements necessitate an absolute freedom from oil and particles this is ensured through a reduced pressure level within the oil-filled gear chambers as well as a nickel coated pump chamber assembly and testing is run under clean room conditions the canned motor ensures a high degree of leak-tightness to the o ­ utside and permits operation in connection with a frequency ­converter pump system consisting of ruvac wh 2500 und dryvac dv 650 9 roots vacuum pumps central vacuum supply systems