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products oil sealed pump systems pt 50 turbomolecular pump system the turbomolecular pump system pt 50 is a fully assembled and readyto-operate high vacuum pump system benchtop unit for producing a high and ultra-high vacuum example pt 50 with options switch box gauge advantages to the user low ultimate pressure 10-8 mbar 0.75 x 10-8 torr high pumping speed of the backing pump high effective pumping speed compact small rugged unit simple to operate high level of reliability maintenance-friendly design air cooling for use worldwide installation of standard vacuum components in an open frame rugged table top unit which may also carry heavy assemblies service friendly assembly for maintenance without the need to disassemble backing or high vacuum pump the high vacuum pump can be removed from the pump system any installation orientation ce approval the turbomolecular pump system consists of the following principal components grease lubricated turbomolecular pump ­turbovac 50 with ceramic ball b ­ earings convection cooling and s­ plinter guard electronic frequency converter nt 10 dual-stage oil sealed rotary vane ­vacuum pump trivac d 2,5 e as backing pump all required connecting and sealing components are located within the pump system assembly either with or without switchbox with switchbox the pumps are switched on and off via a rotary switch on the front power sockets for accessories one measuring instrument and one power failure venting valve are provided these are con­­ nected by means of a power cord with schuko plug other connec tion lines can be specified also for retrofitting see ordering infor­ma tion without switchbox the pumps are switched on and off via switches at the pump respectively at the frequency conver­­­ter for each component a separate earthed mains power outlet is required the pump system can be upgraded with further components for example switchbox vacuum gauge power failure venting valve air cooling unit adsorption trap exhaust filter rotatable castors venting valve assembly on the intake side with manifold valves gauge heads etc typical applications spectroscopy tube manufacturing beam guidance systems micro balances sputtering and evaporation systems surface physics laboratory pump systems production of gas lasers h h1 b b1 l l1 mm 458 474 430 117.5 420 453 in 18.03 18.66 16.93 4.63 16.54 17.84 vacuum gauge option switch box option b1 turbomolecular pump h iso-k h1 cf frequency converter b trivac e backing pump l l1 dimensional drawing for the pt 50 turbomolecular pump system 84 leybold full line catalog fall 2016 leybold