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turbomolecular pump systems turbolab 80 350 450 this new smart turbolab generation is built on one basic design platform with the opportunity to create three different variants each version can be customized to individual needs regarding add-ons like vacuum measurement devices a choice of accessories e.g valves and heaters turbomolecular pump system turbolab 350 top left turbolab 80 down left and turbolab 350 cart right basic equipment turbomolecular pump turbovac i models from 80 l/s to 450 l/s including frequency converter control monitor and configure your turbolab system backing pump easily relocate pump away from the frame and on your chamber dry or oil-sealed 1 m3/h 30 m3/h 24 v dc/110-230 v remote control via the x1 interface backlight display configurable x1 digital/analog i/o every turbolab comes with the turbo pressure unit tpu for control configuration and monitoring of the pump system start/stop error warning analog output built-in support for accessories purge vent air or water cooling unit flange heaters two pressure gauges 1000 mbar to 1 x 10-9 mbar advantage to the user enhanced pump performance compact mobile design small foot print easy to relocate pumps out and away from the frame backlight display control/monitoring/configuration monitored data like frequency temperature current pressure are automatically stored to a data log file in the turbolab users easily view the log file with the turbolab data viewer software tool which can be downloaded for free from the leybold website or the last 512 data points can be viewed from the turbolab data viewer in the web server covering more applications with a full range of high vacuum and dry or wet forevacuum pumps to cover more high vacuum applications benchmark turbostation offering dedicated ports for the connection of six different accessories two gauges benchmark functionality reliability and design foreline safety valve prepared for worldwide voltage coverage built-in webserver condition monitoring price-to-performance ratio data analysis software updates 94 leybold full line catalog fall 2016 leybold