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vacuum locks and sealing valves h dn a screw-in sealing element with a hex socket into which the spindle of the gas lock is inserted for actuation has been integrated within the tubulation may be used in the entire rough and medium vacuum range after having filled in the gas or eva­­cuat­ed the chamber the gas lock is detached from the small flange and may thus be reused for an unlimited number of times on other sealing valves temperature resistant vacuum lock blocking valve long service life secured against inadvertent open­ing 60 °c 100 °c may be protected by a standard blank flange against becoming dirty a advantages to the user typical applications simple to use handy knob sealing of evacuated or gas-filled chambers compact low weight post-evacuation of vessels topping up and exchanging the gas filling in vessels dimensional drawing for the sealing valves also well-suited for operating older types of sealing valves from leybold dimension table long travel and high conductance thus short pumpdown times a h2 d dn 16 iso-kf 25 iso-kf 40 iso-kf a mm 40 50 65 d mm 16 25 38 h mm 124 160 190 h2 mm 30 30 40 40 spindle can be arrested in its end position sealing valves with stainless steel iso-kf connection and stainless steel tubulation for welding to the chamber double o-ring seal offering a very low leak rate 1 x 10-7 mbar xlxs-1 and a long service life leybold full line catalog fall 2016 leybold