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25 cm x 33 cm 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm in lbs in kg m 30 to 90 kg to lbs 120 volt 20 amp plug 120 volt 20 amp plug ins 250 volt 20 amp circuits 84 in lbs to foot lbs 24 volt 20 amp circuits ball bearing 34 fit 34 shaft seated leg curl seated leg press candy apple red seated leg press maintenance weight selector pin 9 volt 15 amp power cord 6 9 volt 15 amp power cord 4 volt 15 amp 9 volt 15 amp 12 volt 15 amp accessory plug 175 lbs in kg self lubricant bushing 252 kg to lbs 120 volt 400 amps 68 kg to lbs 15 volt 15 amp power supply circuit 120 volt 15 amp motor 325 lbs in kg m 325 lbs in kg 140 lbs to kg 12 volt 15 amp power cord 200 lbs to kg 185 lbs in kg 115 volt to 1 amp 120 volt 45 amp 450 lbs to kg 3 6 volts 20 amps power supply 500 volt 15 amp 275 lbs to kg 120 volt 13 amp 15 volt 15 amp power supply cable limiter 12 volts 20 amps 12 volt 15 amp motor 12 volt 400 amps circuit 12 volt 20 amp limiter 11 gauge steel tube 345 lbs in kg 12 volt 15 amp 57 x 25 x 16 sealed ball bearing remote control 12 volt 15 amp 120 volt 15 amp variable speed control 12 volt 20 amp 165 lbs to kg 103 lbs to kg 12 volt 20 amp plug

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fitness forward the evolution of fitness developments in technology are changing our lives in ways we never thought possible getting connected is the expectation and fitness is no exception at life fitness we are investing in the future by embedding technology firmly within our products with our open platform and a deep understanding of the latest developments in technology we are able to offer truly limitless possibilities to fitness facilities it s all about choice facilities can choose the tools to differentiate their brand and manage their business with our connected and customizable products in return exercisers are offered a deeply personal experience tailored to the ways in which they connect with the facility the outside world each other and with themselves technology your way this is the future of fitness [section fitness forward name

e levatio ntm series the ultimate exercise experience sophisticated design rigorous testing superior biomechanics and our most advanced features make elevation series our premier commercial cardio equipment add our discover tablet console to create an immersive workout that not only motivates but entertains the console s intuitive features include compatibility with the lfconnect website lfconnect app androidtm smartphones and apple devices as the ultimate cardio experience elevation is the choice of the finest fitness facilities worldwide made for ipod made for iphone and made for ipad mean that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to ipod iphone or ipad respectively and has been certified by the developer to meet apple performance standards apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards please note that the use of this accessory with ipod iphone or ipad may effect wireless

discover how much fun workouts can be when they involve the mind body and senses discover se tablet console gives exercisers access to music movies books and more on a large 19 for treadmills and 16 for bikes and cross-trainers lcd touch screen controlled at your fingertips with life fitness swipetm technology through lfconnect users can quickly access personalized equipment settings and workout history a customizable home screen lets you convey your brand message and inform users of events and other news discover a new way for your users to enjoy working out discover si lets exercisers access music books and more on a 10 lcd touch screen that s operated with just the swipe of a fingertip thanks to swipe technology the console syncs with apple devices and android smartphones and offers internet connectivity lfconnect lets exercisers quickly access their personal equipment settings and workout history the home screen can be customized with your branding and with scrolling messages

i n t eg r i t ytm s er i es i n t eg r i t ytm s er ies summit trainer our integrity series summit trainer is engineered to provide a natural climbing motion it intuitively offers fluid transitions as it alternates between short strides and deep lunges userdefined stride lengths and five training positions make it easy to control the intensity and target various muscle groups stairclimber add variety to your cardio floor with our sturdy biomechanically designed integrity series stairclimber the ergonomically angled linear slide mechanism mimics a natural stepping motion as it develops each leg and features the isotracktm climbing system with monoroller and belt-driven design features that make the difference lifepulsetm digital heart rate monitor hand sensors located on bullhorns also works with optional hands-free polar® telemetry chest strap lifttm linear incline fit training technology delivers a smooth stride with versatile range of motion intuitive console with integrated ipod

lifecycle gx indoor cycling life fitness the company that brought you the original lifecycle® exercise bike continues to stand at the top of the class with the new high-tech lifecycle gx designed with the user s biomechanics in mind this indoor cycling bike comes with the most in-demand features and a bold rear flywheel design this innovative technology is designed to rapidly get the bike to speed the low-maintenance belt drive system provides a smooth quiet ride the lifecycle gx is also engineered for low maintenance even with high volume use so it will last class after class features that make the difference innovative flywheel lightweight and integral part of the friction-free magnetic resistance system precision resistance brake lever allows riders and instructors to gauge resistance to enable repeatable rides distinctive rear flywheel with guard provides corrosion resistance to sweat multi-ribbed belt drive system with magnetic eddy current

s i g n at ures er i e s single stations every one of these popular and easy-to-use machines is designed to place individuals of all fitness levels in the ideal exercise position to optimize results single stations form the baseline for strength exercise regardless of experience level or goal type chest press fzcp · overhead pivot creates natural arc of movement · adjustable start lever located on press arm allows user to control range of motion from a seated position · converging press arms produce a natural forward pressing movement for a superior feel pectoral fly fzpec · range of motion adjusts in 10-degree increments · handles automatically adjust to fit all user arm lengths · independent arms optimize exercise variety and feel pectoral fly/rear deltoid fzfrd · five pectoral fly start positions · articulating arms accommodate the varying arm lengths of different size users · variable cam replicates the body s natural strength curve throughout the entire range of

s i g n at ures er i e s cable motion tm multi-jungle multi-jungles allow you to custom configure the placement of four modular tower platforms and up to ten different training stations in a way that meets specific space requirements facility image and exerciser needs sign at ures er i e s cable motiontm cable crossover cmaco · each weight stack provides a 1:2 resistance ratio · multiple position chin-up handles offer a choice of exercises · two molded handles included · unit shown is configured with adjustable pulleys also available with fixed pulleys cmfco cable column cmcc · dual pulleys and nine different handles create extensive training options · resistance ratio 1:4 for each handle and 1:2 when used together allows less-experienced users to start with lower resistance · 20 adjustment positions create a wide variety of exercises dual-roller mechanism provides smooth and easy adjustment hammer strength training vest hstv · allows for added workout variety when used

optima series this line blends reliability and high style into a wide range of compact strength equipment this versatile equipment which now also includes multi-exercise machines delivers more challenges in less space and simplifies strength training so people can meet their goals chest press oscp · handle design allows for overhand and neutral hand position targeting specific muscle groups · adjustable seat accommodates varying user heights seated row osrw · handle design allows for underhand and neutral hand position targeting specific muscle groups lat pulldown ospd · angled knee pad accommodates varying tibia lengths without the need for an adjustment · counterbalanced workarm ensures a low start resistance · adjustable seat accommodates varying user heights shoulder press ossp · counterbalanced workarm ensures a low start resistance · adjustable seat accommodates varying user heights biceps curl osbc · handle pivots automatically to accommodate varying forearms visit the life fitness blog for industry news fitness tips and life fitness stories from around the world working out explore our library of how-to and product overview videos for personal education or incorporate them into your own channels for easy sharing visit just got a lot easier lfconnect for apple and androidtm devices simplifies workouts so exercisers can focus less on the details and more on achieving their goals the mobile tool lets users track and share results quickly identify personal settings on workout equipment and access customized and scheduled workouts to stay on track with training goals lfconnect lets exercisers get on and go order life fitness parts quickly the right part the site increases the probability that the part you order is the part you need log all cardio and strength workouts automatically track gps-enabled outdoor workouts order and service history see a

i ntegrity seriesi ntegrity series summit trainer i ntegrity series heart rate monitoring polar ® telemetry optional chest strap required digital signal processing hill random manual quick start lifepulsetm digital heart rate monitoring with dsp stairclimber key clsl heart rate monitoring polar ® telemetry lifepulsetm digital heart rate monitoring with dsp optional chest strap required digital signal processing hill random manual quick start ·standard optional clss recumbent bike key heart rate monitoring polar ® telemetry lifepulsetm digital heart rate monitoring with dsp optional chest strap required digital signal processing · · · · · · 6 · · · · · · 6 ·standard optional clsr workouts classic workouts zone training+tm heart rate workouts cardio fat burn heart rate hill heart rate interval extreme heart rate interval workouts around the world cascades foothills interval kilimanjaro speed training goal workouts custom workouts fitness test protocols customized cool

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