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the mts difference motion technology selectorized hammer strength extends the same motion technology of its revolutionary plate-loaded machines to its motion technology selectorizedtm mts equipment only hammer strength mts incorporates the biomechanical integrity of patented iso-lateral® technology with the ease and convenience of selectorized weight stacks iso-lateral chest press mtscp · 40 lx68 wx77 h102cmx173cmx196cm · 50lbs75kgperstack ·totalweight 765lbs347kg iso-lateral decline press mtsdp · 39 lx64 wx66 h99cmx163cmx168cm ·150lbs75kgperstack ·totalweight 755lbs342kg iso-lateral incline press mtsip · 40 lx68 wx77 h102cmx173cmx196cm ·150lbs75kgperstack ·totalweight 765lbs347kg iso-lateral shoulder press mtssp · 45 lx62 wx54 h114cmx158cmx137cm ·150lbs75kgperstack ·totalweight 746lbs338kg images not to scale www.hammerstrength.com hammer strength mtstm

building champions hammer strength is the #1 brand of plate-loaded equipment in the world and offers some of the industry s most advanced strength-training technologies with the revolutionary vision and guidance of founder gary jones hammer strength became the first to explore the ergonomic advantages of utilizing converging and diverging arcs of motion with over 40 plate-loaded products including the revolutionary ground base® machines hammer strength gives you the power to build champions at any level plate-loaded iso-lateral bench press ilbp · startingresistance­7lbs3.2kg · standardweighthorns­6notshown · 49 lx52 wx69 h­350lbs 125cmlx132cmwx175cmh­159kg · handleoptions horizontalshown verticalilbp-v iso-lateral horizontal press ilhbp · startingresistance­18lbs8.2kg · standardweighthorns­4 · 66 lx61 wx42 h­240lbs 168cmlx155cmwx107cmh­109kg iso-lateral super incline press ilfmp · startingresistance­11lbs5kg · standardweighthorns­6 · 50 lx59 wx60 h­360lbs

pullover plpo · startingresistance­18lbs8.2kg · standardweighthorns­4 · 54 lx51 wx59 h­370lbs 137cmlx130cmwx150cmh­168kg 4-way neck pl4w · startingresistance­2lbs0.9kg · standardweighthorns­4 · 33 lx54 wx62 h­245lbs 84cmlx137cmwx158cmh­111kg gripper plgrip · startingresistance­14lbs6.3kg · 43 lx23 wx47 h­65lbs 109cmlx58cmwx119cmh­29.5kg iso-lateral leg press illp · startingresistance­18lbs8.2kg · standardweighthorns­4notshown ·70 lx59.5 wx60 h­605lbs 178cmlx151cmwx152cmh­275kg linear hack press pllhp · startingresistance­60lbs27.3kg · standardweighthorns­2 · 80 lx62 wx49 h­410lbs 203cmlx157cmwx124cmh­186kg v-squat plvsq · startingresistance­54lbs24.5kg · standardweighthorns­2 · 91 lx42 wx81 h­530lbs 231cmlx107cmwx204cmh­240kg abdominal oblique crunch plab · standardweighthorns­4 · 47 lx58 wx66 h­355lbs 119cmlx147cmwx167cmh­152kg linear leg press hsllp · startingresistance­118lbs53kg · standardweighthorns­8 · 95 lx65 wx57

ground base unm atched perform a nce tr a ining hammer strength ground base® machines provide advanced performance training with unique technology the challenging multiplane exercises build strength balance and coordination that directly transfer to real-world actions and moves on the playing field by training with feet on the ground users can perform explosive movements to maximize their power and endurance by engaging multiple muscle groups including the core adductor pladd · startingresistance­3lbs1.4kg · standardweighthorns­2 · 52 lx57 wx47 h­330lbs 132cmlx145cmwx119cmh­150kg leg extension plle · startingresistance­7lbs3.5kg · standardweighthorns­2 · 56 lx54 wx57 h­295lbs 142cmlx137cmwx145cmh­134kg iso-lateral kneeling leg curl ilklc · startingresistance­8lbs3.6kg · standardweighthorns­2 · 43 lx50 wx47 h­250lbs 109cmlx127cmwx119cmh­114kg iso-lateral leg curl illc · startingresistance­2lbs0.9kg · standardweighthorns­4 · standardrangelimiter ·71 lx53

strongest rack around hd elite racks the strongest most heavyweight racks around hd elite racks are built from the ground up from rugged seven-gauge steel with one goal in mind to unleash your team s potential available as stand alone racks or in hundreds of combo rack configurations hd elite racks are custom made for you with the exact options you need to put your team through the toughest workouts in your program structural performance features anvil bracingtm multi-plane bolting configuration increases structural rigidity spider gussettm 45 degree angle braces with diamond plate to increase lateral stiffness hammerlocktm personalize your rack co-branding show your team or facility pride by adding your custom logo for the most recent updates go to www.hammerstrength.com/2013hdelite images not to scale products subject to change www.hammerstrength.com hammer strength hd elite racks 25 hammer strength-originated bolting mechanism allows for higher fastening torque and eliminates

hd elite dual adjustable pulley · several pull-up bar configurations available to customize yourracktomeetyourtrainingneedsenhancestheversatility ofracktrainingsystems pull-up bars base storage 2-handle pull-up hdl2pu · 1.25 diameter3cmrubber-coatedgrips · 2ergonomichandlepositions rotating chin-up hdlrcu · chromehandlessimplyslidelaterally formulti-positionmovements neutral bar pull-up hdlnpu · 1.25 3cmdiameterknurledgrip · neutralgripslocatedat24 61cmand28 71cmapart · alsoavailableasthickgrip2 5cmdiameterhdetpu sumo base · widerbaseprovidesalargertrainingarea,givingtaller athletesroomtoperformcrucialsquatmovements · availableonmulti-rackandpowerrack · 2 5cmdiameterknurledgrips · 1.25 diameter3cmrubber-coatedgrips · 3ergonomichandlepositions · onlyavailableonpowerrack · wideneutralandunderhandgripinrear · 1.5 4cmdiametercontinuousarcbaronfront · 1.25 3cmdiameterwideneutraland underhandrubbercoatedgripsinrear · extrastorageforupto9bumperplates;2-10lb4.5kg

base storage continued optional attachments power pivottm hdlpp · providestheabilitytoperformavarietyofrotationexercises · lockingfeaturekeepsolympicbarssecure · compatiblewithallhdeliteracks dip handles hdldip-hr hdldip-prmr · foruseonhalfrack · ergonomichandleaccommodateswidevarietyofusersizes spotter platforms hdlsp · optimallypositionsthespotterforassisting invariouspressingmovements · quicklyandeasilyflipsupanddown technique tray hdltt-hr hdltt-prmr · angledtraysreducemovementofbumperplateswhenresting · replaceablerubbertopsurfacelandingarea battle rope attachment hdlbl · attachestofrontofrack · compatiblewithallhdeliteracks medium single storage hdlstor-ms · 10standardweighthorns · increasedroomforspotting · increaseslengthofcomborack 17.5 45cm bench platforms single leg squat bar hdlsls · providesaneasilyaccessiblelocation forsinglesquatexercises · rotatingpadincreasesusercomfortand protectsupholsteryforlongerlife step up platform hdlstp-hr

benches and racks hammer strength benches and racks anchor complete strength-training destinations these tough-built essentials support good fundamentals for targeted training smith machine hssm · 50 lx86.5 wx93 h­635lbs 127cmlx220cmwx237cmh­288kg ·7-degreebarangle olympic flat bench ofb · 52 lx50 wx50 h­145lbs 133cmlx127cmwx127cmh­66kg ·threeolympicbarrackingpositions olympic incline bench oib · 30°inclineonbackpad ·threeolympicbarrackingpositions · integratedspotterplatform olympic decline bench odb · 60 lx53 wx50 h­190lbs 152cmlx135cmwx127cmh­86kg ·15°declineonbackpad ·threeolympicbarrackingpositions · integratedhandletoassistwithentry/exit olympic military bench omb · 56 lx48 wx65 h­339lbs 142cmlx122cmwx165cmh­103kg ·threeolympicbarrackingpositions · integratedspotterplatform olympic bench weight storage obws · standardweighthorns­8 · 22 lx15 wx46 h­62lbs 57cmlx32cmwx116cmh­28kg note shown here with optional olympic flat bench ofb also can be

allproductsarenotavailableinallcolors.seechartsbelowforfullcolorspecifications hammer strength strength frame color chart hammerstrength color platinum white black icebluemetallic midnightmetallic nickel blue red yellow shadowgray candyapplered electricblue custom mts plate-loadedandbenches andracks key · standard optional ­ unavailable custom premium strength frame colors hdelite plate-loaded equipment athletic series benches and racks frame ·11-gaugesteelframeensuresmaximumstructuralintegrity ·eachframereceivesanelectrostaticpowdercoatfinishtoensuremaximum adhesionanddurability · · · · · · · · · ­ ­ · · · · · · · · · ­ ­ ­ · · · · · · · · · ­ ­ ­ textured shadowgray platinum nickel white iceblue metallic blue black midnight metallic candy applered red yellow electric blue warranty ·10-yearlimitedwarrantyonthestructuralframecoatingsexcluded 5-yearonthe pillowblocks,pulleys,weightplates,weightstackguiderods,androtationalbearings

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