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5543 15 recessed faceplate 31784 crimp on connectors in line fuse holders in line fuse holder in line splice fuse holder 20 amps in line fuse holder on off on toggle switch spst on off on switch on on on switch diagram power take off connector wire stripper and cutters back up alarm switch m 10 x 10 lock nut lock nut and lock washer what is the function of car battery 12 to 24 volt resettable circuit breaker 6 amp circuit breaker 3 amp circuit breaker hi amp circuit breakers 30a circuit breaker 8 amp circuit breaker fuse dc circuit breakers circuit breaker toggle switch circuit breaker rocker switch type 2 circuit breaker 120 amp circuit breaker truck 150 amp circuit breaker d type circuit breaker 150 amp circuit breakers 20 amp circuit breaker 80 amp circuit breaker 60 amp circuit breaker 50 amp circuit breaker circuit breaker 120 amp hi amp automotive low voltage disconnect switch marine 60 amp circuit breaker 12 v dc circuit breaker types of circuit breakers 12 v dc circuit ignition circuit breaker and main circuit breaker accessories for dodge trucks rc 700112 dn m 58031 02 bp 3ag fast acting fuse pl 118 ac001 mini blade fuse cole hersee co mom mom off mom mom inline fuse holder sealed rocker switches glass fuse holder battery disconnect switch line fuse holder 12v dc switch

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new cole hersee brand packaging coming in 2018 ® 55055bp cole hersee – a littelfuse brand joint logo promoting the relationship between the brands spst toggle switch universal application interruptor de palanca spst uso universal interrupteur à bascule spstà usage universel cole hersee co 55055-bp 25a spst on-off toggle switch interruptor de palanca spst interrupteur À bascule spst blue and yellow cole hersee brand colors remain prominent for fast identification large easy-to-read voltage and amperage for quick product selection enhanced installation information and detailed descriptions included in the packaging existing design high contrast white background makes products easy to see inside the clamshell package heavy-duty clamshell packaging protects products in retail environment matching boxed product for a consistent and attractive product display new 2018 design c littelfuse aftermarket products

bolt-down fuses mega® • 80-500a • bolt-down fuses littelfuse patented fuse designed for high current boxed 50-pc current protection up to 500a found on many oem material rating a number vehicles slo-blo® ­feature eliminates nuisance 80 – blowing ­during temporary short duration overloads commonly used for battery and alternator 100 0meg100.l connections and other heavy gauge cables 125 0meg125.l requiring ultra high current protection also available 150 0meg150.l with a clear housing m6 mounting hole single 175 0meg175.l mounting hole or silver plating for details contact 200 0meg200.l littelfuse or visit voltage rating characteristics 32v ac/dc slo-blo® dimensions mega® 225 250 300 350 400 450 500 0meg225.l 0meg250.l 0meg300.l 0meg350.l 0meg400.l 0meg450.l 0meg500.l boxed 1-pc carded material number material number 0meg080.x 0meg100.x 0meg125.x 0meg150.x 0meg175.x 0meg200.x 0meg225.x 0meg250.x 0meg300.x 0meg350.x 0meg400.x

circuit protection circuit breakers steel or plastic housing steel box type is approximately 1 ¼ x ¾ x 2/3 and comes with integral brackets to be directly affixed with screws or bolts or without needs a mounting bracket breakers have 10-32 studs blades or wire leads wire lead type has a 10 wire loop connected to studs and pvc-coated loop is intended to be cut stripped and spliced into a circuit additional information 30056 30137 30171 with studs no bracket 30055 30138 30172 with studs and bracket 300128 with studs and cross-bracket 3088 30507 double breaker assembly – 10 – 30056-15 30056-15-bx – 15 – 30056-20 30056-20-bx – 20 – 30056-25 30056-25-bx – 25 – 30056-30 30056-30-bx – 30 – – type i 40 – 30056-50 30056-50-bx – 50 30137-10 – 10 • – 30137-15 30137-15-bx – – 15 • type i sealed 12 30137-20 30137-20-bx

multiple position glass fuse blocks omni-blok® fuse blocks with 1/4 quick connect terminals for 1/4 x 1-1/4 glass fuses available in one through twelve pole units units may be easily broken apart as needed to obtain the desired number of poles rated at 20a 300 v download additional technical information at part numbers poles voltage bulk carded 03540801zxgy – 1 300v 03540802zxgy 0omn0002xp 2 03540803zxgy – 3 03540804zxgy 0omn0004xp 03540805zxgy 03540806zxgy amp part numbers bulk carded 20a 03540807zxgy – 300v 20a 03540808zxgy 300v 20a 03540809zxgy 4 300v 20a 03540810zxgy – 5 300v 20a – 6 300v 20a poles voltage amp 7 300v 20a – 8 300v 20a – 9 300v 20a – 10 300v 20a 03540811zxgy – 11 300v 20a 03540812zxgy – 12 300v 20a 3 common hot feed glass fuse block fiber base with 11/64 4.4mm diameter mounting holes solid brass busbar phosphor-bronze fuse clips brass terminals and screws download

relays solenoids standard high current relays 6-36v dc • 35-200a • continuous duty solenoids • hex nuts and lock washers are included • steel housing mounting holes 5/16 x 19/32,” 2 13/64” on centers 7.9 x 15.1 56.0mm • plated steel housing available with optional pvc coating available to protect critical components from environmental hazards datasheet wiring diagram and additional pack sizes 85 insulated spst no copper diagram 36 image – ul listed 24080-bx pvc coated 24080 small retail e terminals large boxed insulated grounded d contact bulk amps 5 voltage part numbers c form contacts b circuitry a a 1 a 1 b 1 24063 24063-bx – 85 insulated spst no copper 24063-08 24063-08-bx – 85 insulated spst no copper 24214 24214-bx – 24 200 insulated spst no silver a 1 24107 24107-bx – 85 insulated spst no copper d 2 24124 24124-bx – 85 grounded spst no copper d 4 •

battery master disconnect switches double-pole battery switches 75900 series • 125a • dpst • double pole metal body battery switches designed to disconnect the battery circuit and the alternator or generator field circuit on 6-36v dc systems • mounting stem brass 3/4” -16 thread with one of two lengths 23/32” 18.3mm long fits panels up to 3/16” 4.8mm thick 17/32” 13.5mm long fits panels up to 1/4” 6.4mm thick • torque mounting stem 20 ft/lb max 3/8” nuts 70-90 in-lbs for datasheet wiring diagram and additional pack sizes visit 75903-bx – 75904 75904-bx – 75904-01 75904-01-bx – – material size 3/4-16 23/32 long 1000a – 75904-03 75904-03-bx 75912 continuous intermittent continuous actuator 15s on 5m off 6-36v dc 20a plated steel 125a two 3/8”-24 two 10-32 – 75912-bx 750a – 15s on 5m off – four 3/8-24 3/4-16 23/32 long – •

sealed rocker switches 0.83 l 25a led sealed rocker switches • • • • weather-resistant with contact areas sealed to ip66 high pressure wash resistant super-bright led illumination and high-visibility wrap-around lenses leds give visibility even in sunlight and have a long life silver contacts and corrosion-resistant nickel-plated brass blades for superior performance and electrical contact 2d prints and additional information 58312-a2 a4 58312-r2 r4 part numbers 1.45 b standard mounting hole 58312-c4 1 4 2 5 b forward-reverse switch 58312-g4 58312-ag led pilot lights bulk boxed retail clamshell rating pole throw action illumination lens color 1 lens color 2 terminals contacts sealing 58312-a2 – – 25a at 12v dc spst on-off independent amber – 4 blade silver ip66 58312-r2 58312-r2-bx – 25a at 12v dc spst on-off independent red – 4 blade silver ip66 58312-a4 58312-a4-bx – 25a at 12v dc

toggle switches switch diagrams switch reference guide spst spdt dpst dpdt sp and dp refer to single pole and double pole st and dt refer to single throw and double throw sp single pole one circuit controlled by the switch dp double pole two independent circuits controlled by the switch which are mechanically linked note “pole” should not be confused with “terminal” the dpst switch for example has four terminals however it is a double pole dp and not a four pole 4p switch st single throw closes a circuit at only one position and with one throw dt double throw closes a circuit in the up or down position on-on a double throw switch can also have a center position such as on-off-on the following switch diagrams illustrate the most common types of toggle and rocker switch spst on-off dpst on-off both load terminals can be energized at the same time they are independent of each other and could be of different voltages spdt on-on only one of the loads can be

rotary wiper switches electric windshield wiper switches universal application for stem or bracket-mounting 15/32”-32 thread mounting stem with keyway • intermittent delay feature for permanent magnet electric wiper motors • negative ground only • three positions off/park low high • 7/16”-28 x .45” 11.3mm mounting stem unless noted otherwise • round black plastic white imprinted knob with metal insert and set screw included unless noted otherwise • controls single motor unless noted otherwise additional information positions terminals 75212-04 75212-04-bx – 12v or 24v dc 3 4 blade plated steel 7/16”-28 x .38” 9.6mm 1 3/8” Ø x 3/8” 34.9mm Ø x 9.5mm 75217-04 – 12v or 24v dc 3 6 blade plated steel 7/16”-28 x .38” 9.6mm 1 3/8” Ø x 3/8” 34.9mm Ø x 9.5mm controls two motors 75221-06 75221-06-bx – 12v dc 3 4 blade plated steel

indicator devices indicators are used for remote monitoring or indication of system status pilot lights are frequently used as signal indicators for accessories or aftermarket add-ons what are the benefits of leds led lights are solid-state so they last longer and may never need servicing this means that replacement builds are not needed and time is saved in applications with maintenance personnel leds are unaffected by on-off cycling and their brightness does not diminish over time leds can also function over a wider range of temperatures making them ideal for harsh environments from desert conditions to frigid cold temperatures leds can be safer because they produce less heat the build up of heat is undesirable because it can create potential fire risks leds operate at a very cool temperature and the lens is not vulnerable to breakage from water-splash 115 littelfuse aftermarket products

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