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Protection Relays

current transformer wiring diagram thermal overload protection failure 369 motor protection system 120 vac 5 vac ct transformer 240 vac 15 vdc transformer voltage meter wiring diagram 24 volt dc short circuit breaker dc description of ground fault interrupter description of ground fault circuit interrupter 120 vac 42 vac transformer 120 vac 26 vac transformer 120 vac 21 vac transformer 120 vac 14 vac transformer power contactor wiring single phase low voltage meter wiring diagram 120 vac 75 vac transformer 120 vac 18 vac transformer 110 volt to 24 volt dc transformers application of separately excited in dc generator 24 volt dc to 12 volt dc 400 converter thermistor protection relay diagram digital transformer protection relays earth fault relay voltage controlled overcurrent relay earth leakage relay 125 vdc relay relay 125 vdc earth fault relay manuals ge overload relays ventilation fan relay 5 volt 100 ohm relay ac blower fan relay unbalance power factor control relay 12 volt 400 ohm relay circuit diagram motor starter relay thermal overload relay circuit diagram overvoltage protective circuit diagram circuit diagram of contactor relay diagram of alarm relay bus bar relay metering pumps protection devices indicator relay wiring diagram 24 volt pressure relay switch 3 36 vdc solid state relay circuit diagram of motor starter relay circuit diagram of electric motor current relay circuit diagram of electric motor starter relay circuit diagram of relay with reset circuit diagram of starter relay circuit diagram of 14 vdc relay circuit diagram for maintenance relay circuit diagram of dc motor using relay switch circuit diagram of relay test set motor protection relays 30 63 circuit diagram for maintenance of relay

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safeguard critical applications with powr-gard protection relays ® petrochemical oil and gas pipelines and transportation aggregate and cement pulp and paper water and waste water shore-to-ship power data centers semiconductor equipment hospitals alternative energy power generators solve expensive and unsafe problems in your facility critical circuits need protection a protection relay is an intelligent controller that can detect abnormal conditions in electrical equipment or power systems and initiate appropriate action protection relays are designed to safeguard critical circuits and solve the most pressing problems faced by facility and safety managers minimizing electrical safety hazards saving cost and reducing unnecessary downtime safety shock hazard injury to personnel arc-flash hazards open-ct hazards failed resistors cost fault damage equipment replacement calibration costs compliance citations motor rewinds downtime replacement time nuisance tripping intermittent faults

powr-gard® protection relays monitors systems protection relays monitors and systems ground-fault protection ungrounded dc systems pgr 2000 family 8 ungrounded ac systems pgr 3000 family 9-10 solidly grounded ac systems pgr 4000 family 11-12 resistance grounded ac systems pgr 5000 family 13-15 motor protection pgr 6000 family 16-22 pump protection pgr-6800 24 feeder protection pgr 7000 family 25 motor protection retrofits pgr 6000 family 26-27 wiring diagrams legend for following pages · all output contacts are shown de-energized · dotted lines show field wiring · ground-fault ct input is not polarity sensitive applies to pgr-5701 pgr-5330 pgm-8325 pgr-6200 pgr-6300 pgr-7200 pgm-8134 supplemental monitoring pgm 8000 family

powr-gard® protection relays monitors systems ground-fault protection ­ resistance-grounded system pgr 5000 family pgr-5330 series resistance grounded relay description the pgr-5330 is an advanced ground-fault and groundingresistor-monitoring relay it measures neutral current neutral-toground voltage and neutral-to-ground resistance it provides continuous monitoring of the neutral-to-ground path to verify that the neutral-grounding resistor ngr is intact this is of utmost importance because an open ngr renders currentsensing ground-fault protection inoperative the pgr-5330 can be used with low and medium-voltage transformers and generators used in processing manufacturing chemical pulp and paper petroleum and water-treatment facilities resistance grounding relay resistor monitoring the pgr-5330 combines the measured values of resistance current and voltage to continuously determine that the ngr is intact it is able to detect a resistor failure with or without a ground fault present

powr-gard® protection relays monitors systems motor protection ­ advanced pgr 6000 family features benefits features ieee benefits overload unbalance current rtd ptc overtemperature phase loss/phase reverse current overcurrent/jam undercurrent rtd temperature starts per hour differential dynamic thermal model communications ground fault reduced overcurrent mode metering pga-0cim analog output data logging conformal coating 46 49 46 50 51 37 38 49 66 87 extends motor life and prevents insulation failures and fires prevents overheating due to unbalanced phases overtemperature ptc protection for high ambient or loss-of-ventilation detection detects unhealthy supply conditions detects catastrophic failures and fires extends motor life detects low level or no-load conditions optional rtd temperature protection pga-0120 module for high ambient or loss of ventilation protection limits the motor starts per hour to prevent overheating optional with pga-0140 module allows sensitive

powr-gard® protection relays monitors systems supplemental monitoring pgm 8000 family pgm-8134 series ground continuity monitor description the pgm-8134 is a microprocessor-based combination ground-wire monitor and ground-fault relay for resistancegrounded or solidly grounded systems it continuously monitors the integrity of the ground wire to protect portable equipment from hazardous voltages caused by ground faults the pgm-8134 is field proven in monitoring trailing cables with pilot wire on large mobile equipment such as shoreto-ship power cables dock side cranes stacker-reclaimers submersible pumps and portable conveyors features benefits supplemental monitoring features adjustable pickup 0.5 ­ 12.5 a adjustable time delay 1 ­ 2.5 s output contacts ground-check led indication ct-loop monitoring high-induced-ac rejection dft harmonic filter zener-characteristic termination assembly fail-safe circuits powr-gard ® ground fault current transformer wiring diagram powr-gard®

powr-gard® relay testing equipment pgt series pgt-0400 series ground-fault relay test unit description the pgt-0400 is a ground-fault-relay test unit designed to test current pickup level time-delay and coordination of ground-fault protection the tester injects current through the window of installed ground-fault current transformers to verify the operation of ground-fault monitors and relays used on substations motor control centers mccs central distribution panels switchboards and test benches to verify relay operation the pgt-0400 tests the entire ground-fault circuit including current transformers wiring ground-fault relay and the operation of the interrupting device it is recommended to test every relay and its current interrupting device annually features benefits features adjustable current setpoint adjustable time duration setpoint small form factor insulated cts to be tested phase conductor removal not necessary 11 12 benefits current range is 0.5 to 9.9 a duration range

powr-gard® accessories sensing resistors terminations and adapters pge family pgh family pga family sensing resistors product features accessory for pge-600v sensing resistor used on systems up to 1 kv pgr-5330 pgm-8325 pge-05kv sensing resistor used on systems up to 5 kv pgr-5330 pgm-8325 pge-15kv sensing resistor used on systems up to 15 kv pgr-5330 pgm-8325 pge-25kv sensing resistor used on systems up to 25 kv pgr-5330 pgm-8325 pge-35kv sensing resistor used on systems up to 35 kv pgr-5330 a accessories terminations and adapters product features accessory for pgh-5000 high tension couplers allows 5-kv systems to be connected to relay pgr-3200 pgr-6100 pgr-8600 pgr-3200 pgr-6100 pgr-8600 pgh-6000 high tension couplers allows 6-kv systems to be connected to relay pga-0ta6 termination assembly 50 w ground-check termination with convenient mounting holes and screw terminals temperature compensated pgm-8134 pga-0ta7 small-format termination assembly with wire leads 12 w ground-check

powr-gard® protection relays ground fault protection table 1 shows the leading initiators of electrical faults leading initiators of faults exposure to moisture shorting by tools rodents etc exposure to dust other mechanical damage exposure to chemicals normal deterioration from age table 1 receptacle 15 a black l fault of all faults 22.5 18.0 14.5 12.1 9.0 7.0 ground reference module l1 l2 figure 3 toaster 120 v ungrounded ac systems ungrounded ac systems such as shown in figure 4 were used where continuity of power was critical for example chemical plants or refineries involving processes that cannot be interrupted without extensive dollar or product loss may have an ungrounded system however experience has proven that these systems are problematic and are being replaced with resistance grounded systems two major problems with ungrounded systems are transient overvoltages and difficulty locating ground faults phase c white green figure 2 as as example in the toaster circuit above

powr-gard® protection relays converting to a resistance grounded system iv resistance grounding conversion convert ungrounded to resistance-grounded systems resistance grounding protects a system against transient overvoltages caused by intermittent ground faults and it provides a method to locate ground faults transient overvoltages and inability to locate ground fault are the most common safety issues with ungrounded systems conversion of delta-connected or wye-connected sources with inaccessible neutrals require a zig-zag transformer to derive an artificial neutral for connection to a neutral grounding resistors ngr the artificial neutral is only used for the ngr and not for distribution during normal operation the only current that flows in the zig-zag transformer is an extremely small magnetizing current when one phase is grounded the ngr and the zig-zag transformer provide a path for ground-fault current to flow convert solidly grounded to resistance-grounded systems

powr-gard® protection relays motor protection mp motor protection motor protection unit phase ct phase ct phase ct gf ct m rtd x 8 current input module pgr-0cim pga-0120 temperature input module motor protection relay pgr-6200 l1 l2 p protection overview phase ct phase ct phase ct gf ct m rtd x 8 pga-0120 pgr-6300 control unit temperature input module l1 l2 operator interface pgr-6300 © 2010 littelfuse powr-gard® protection relay catalog 63

littelfuse powr-gard® products and services enhance safety and productivity of electrical systems along with protection relays powr-gard® offers current-limiting fuses to decrease arc-flash exposure fuseholders and fusecovers to reduce incidental contact and electrical safety services and worker training to improve safety · fuses and fuseholders · protection relays · electrical safety services · worker training · remote indication products www.littelfuse.com /protectionrelays for over 30 years littelfuse powr-gard® has helped oem engineers consulting engineers and end-users select the right products to protect critical electrical equipment supported by our full line of product catalogs and reference materials fuses and fuseholders catalog littelfuse powr-gard® offers a complete circuit protection portfolio including time saving indication products for an instant visual blown fuse identification even on de-energized systems incorporated in a growing number of fuseholders and