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grp protection sides roof front the forces of nature ­ so what if during your holiday mother nature decides to show her brutal side with thunder lightning and hail just sit back and enjoy the show look out of the window and enjoy the security of your lmc caravan with grp roof the ultra-modern plastic reinforced with glass fibres offers you maximum security even in hail this material replaces the usual aluminium outer shell and protects the vehicle from the weather included as standard with the maestro and as an optional extra for the musica grp 12

scandica 531 e · upholstery nordkap 190 litre fridge and tv holder extra the exterior is in snowflake shades and gently curved whilst the interior is a soft sensuous centre which you can just melt into ­ that s the lmc scandica the outstanding winter vehicle full of self-confidence the scandica knows how to modestly hide its many practical refinements underneath behind and inside and presents a simple and pure appearance once you ve seen a glistening snowy landscape from its comfortable interior you ll never forget it scandica 551 d · upholstery montana 18 19 pictures include optional extras partially subject to

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musica 520 k pictures include optional extras partially subject to surcharge musica 430

scandica 471 d scandica 531 e scandica 551 d scandica 561 d maestro 510 e maestro 550 d maestro 550 e maestro 552 d musica 390 d musica 430 e musica 463 d brazil musica 470 d musica 560 e musica 560 k musica 655 e musica 725 k seating area storage space cupboards table cupboard cupboard above furniture cupboard below furniture bed layout without garage and with low

kitchen options dependent on layout standard kitchen each vehicle has as standard large kitchen worktop with sink hob and free surfaces the fridge is then positioned under the hob in some models one further option is available if you prefer option kitchen with 190 litre large fridge if you d like a 190 litre fridge in your kitchen this can be included instead of the additional work surface between the sink and the hob 44 kitchen

o disnaemyadiloha emro f yadyrevednaesaelpitah just w erusaelperup is lmc caravan gmbh co kg rudolf-diesel-straße 4 48336 sassenberg phone 49 25 83 /27-0 fax 49 25 83 /27-138 www.lmc-caravan.com contact@lmc-caravan.de find us on facebook gb www.gass.de