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when you think about it summer is just a break in the winter or is it the other way round either way we at lmc think it s high time you can use a motorhome 365 days a year without compromise and so we offer you a well-designed insulation system custom-made heating and ventilation and extra storage space for all your winter sports equipment enjoy spontaneous freedom 365 days a year whenever and wherever you like ­ choose the market leader in winter-readiness holiday when and where you like 14 15 winter

in all honesty we can tell you that it s the most beautiful we ve ever had harmonious colours refined patterns and soft surfaces ­ our designers have worked hard to create an interior for you with fine woods elegant lines and the most beautiful fabrics which provides everything you could want feel for yourself pictures include optional extras partially subject to surcharge explorer i 675 g · upholstery alaska 18

cruiser t 731 g · upholstery sambia pictures include optional extras partially subject to surcharge 28

360° interior view of all vehicles available at www.lmc-caravan.com breezer a 693 g · upholstery isabella pictures include optional extras partially subject to

violetta alaska and we mean that literally the natural landscapes slowly pass by the window while your own personal surroundings stay constant it s therefore worth paying great attention to them and our designers have worked hard to ensure that the interior of each vehicle is an individual masterpiece fine fabrics in harmonious colours which are both stylish and timeless ­ have fun choosing isabella materials 42

bed options dependent on layout single beds two single beds opposite each other with access in the middle and a bedside table between them offer restful sleep without being too far apart when required they can be quickly transformed into a comfortable double bed queen-sized bed in an easily accessible position which can be approached from both sides take up a regal position in the middle of the room and enjoy extra-large sleeping comfort fit for a king pictures include optional extras partially subject to

yadilohsihtnof as i set of tuobaderipsnii am already my next trip lmc caravan gmbh co kg rudolf-diesel-straße 4 · 48336 sassenberg phone 49 25 83 /27-0 · fax 49 25 83 /27-138 www.lmc-caravan.com · contact@lmc-caravan.de find us on facebook gb www.gass.de