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general information room climate wood is a natural product it is active adapting continuously to the humidity of the air in the room the longer and more intensively a room is heated the drier the air becomes causing the gaps between the floorboards to widen this process can be counteracted somewhat by hanging humidifiers on the radiators and/or ensuring that the room has a sufficient number of green plants an interior climate with 50 relative humidity and a temperature of 20°c is considered ideal both for wood floors and human health surfaces wood that is treated with a varnish or impregnated with oil is protected from the penetration of dirt and moisture freshly finished floors should not be walked on for about 24 hours the less the floor is used over the first few days the longer the varnish or oil finish will last felt pads or some other means of floor protection must be used under furniture legs use protective mats to protect floors under furniture with wheels e.g office chairs

the easiest way to clean and maintain your floor floor care at home – good to know parkettrefresh for varnished floors regular care weekly parkettrefresh for oiled floors for the weekly cleaning and care add approx 50 ml parkettrefresh or elasticrefresh to 5 litres of water wipe the floor with the diluted care product elasticrefresh for pvc vinyl designfloors and linoleum maintenance and protection for floors use a suitable mop such as the lobatool mop allow to dry – done apply neat or diluted cleans and cares in one wipe intensive care once a year environmentally friendly thanks to purely natural ingredients prior to the intensive care treatment thoroughly clean your floor mix 200 ml floorcleaner with 5 litres of water easy to use protects against wear and moisture floorcleaner cleaner for hardwood and all water resistant surfaces wipe your floor with this cleaning solution for intensive care apply an even layer of undiluted parkettrefresh or