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3-8 3-8 players players 10 10 ages ages 20-40 20-40 min

3-10 3-10 players players 8 8 ages ages 20-40 20-40 min

® the ® the mad libslibs game mad game since since its creation in 1958 its creation in 1958 sku sku loo-072 loo-072 ® ® mad libs has mad libsbecome has become size size 5.25 x5.25 8.5 x 8.5 2 x the world s most popular the world s most popular cost cost $10 $10 word game with over word game with125 over 125 ages ages 10 10 ® ® millionmillion mad libs print mad in libs in print and now labs has andlooney now looney labs has ® turnedturned it into itmad libs the®game—a party game intolibs mad the game—a party gam that captures all theall unexpected silliness of classic that captures the unexpected silliness of classic mad libs® mad libs® choose oneone choose it s theit s moment the moment sku sku loo-058 loo-058 of truth will your of truth will your size size 4.25 x4.25 7.75 xx7.75 2.75 x 2.75 opponent choose opponent choose cost cost $10 $10 outer outer spacespace or theor theages ages 8 8 bottom of the of sea bottom the sea do

® ® fluxx fluxx the card with ever-changing thegame card game with ever-changing rules!rules sku sku loo-001 loo-001 size size 3.75”x5”x1” 3.75”x5”x1” cost cost $8 $8 ages ages 8 8 pirate fluxx pirate fluxx sku sku loo-045 loo-045 nature fluxx nature fluxx sku sku loo-071 loo-071 the nature gamegame with rules the nature with that rules that cost cost $8 $8 size size 3.75”x5”x1” 3.75”x5”x1” the swashbuckling gamegame with the rules the swashbuckling with the rules cost cost $8 $8 that change that change ages ages 8 8 change like the weather change like the weather ™ fluxx ™ fluxx batman batman can you clean up theup crime in can you clean the crime in gotham city city gotham size size 3.75”x5”x1” 3.75”x5”x1” ages ages 8 8 sku sku loo-067 loo-067 size size 3.75”x5”x1” 3.75”x5”x1” cost cost $10 $10 ages ages 8

uglydoll® loonacy a frenzied free-for-all featuring your favorite uglydoll® characters retro loonacy our high-speed matching game now has a vintage look aquarius connect earth water air fire and space in domino style just desserts serve the guests their favorite sweets in this delicious game sku loo-073 size 3.75”x5”x1” cost $7.50 ages 8 sku loo-068 size 3.75”x5”x1” cost $7.50 ages 8 sku loo-002 size 3.75”x5”x1” cost $7.50 ages 6 sku loo-065 size 3.75”x5”x1” cost $9 ages

name ages msrp cost qty total party games loo-058 choose one 8 $20 $10 loo-072 mad libs® the game 10 $20 $10 games with ever-changing rules loo-001 fluxx 8 $16 $8 loo-045 pirate fluxx 8 $16 $8 loo-071 nature fluxx 8 $16 $8 loo-067 batman™ fluxx 8 $20 $10 matching games loo-073 uglydoll® loonacy 8 $15 $7.50 loo-068 retro loonacy 8 $15 $7.50 loo-002 aquarius 6 $15 $7.50 loo-065 just desserts 8 $18 $9 package is incorrectly marked as 14 total where to buy mad libs®:the game moq=5 games schylling mail 4920 niagara rd #405 college park md 20740 sku looney labs product list 301 441-1019 continuum games 877 405-2662 r&m distribution 925 356-0110 lion rampant 905 572-6446 acd distribution 800 767-4263 alliance games 800 669-4263 gts distribution 425 249-7066 get a free

5 reasons your customers will love our games laugh out loud fun for everyone that’s easy on your customer’s wallet our games can go anywhere at anytime multi-generational appeal five-year olds and 40-somethings can play together have fun and still be competitive and challenged the perfect mix of luck and strategy quick play time games play in only 5 to 40 minutes – if you can put them down and not play again and again ideal gifts our games are great impulse buys pveople buy one for themselves and several to give away as gifts our games are made in the usa highest re-play value played people want to play again and again describing them as “unique” and “addictive.” for toy stores including winners of these 5 awards for our full catalog go to summer 2016 fluxx aquarius fluxx loonacy aquarius mad libs the